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Where to meet women in Siem Reap


Siem Reap is home to the ancient Angkor Wat complex. Angkor Wat is of course the most famous temple in Cambodia, and maybe even the world. So most people visiting Cambodia go to see Angkor Wat. Thus, they pass through Siem Reap. So surely a lot of those guys want to know where to meet women in Siem Reap.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about meeting ladies in Siem Reap. We will tell you about the various places you can meet women in Siem Reap. Then we will tell you what to expect in these places. Next, we will tell you about all the prostitution in town. Finally, we will give you some other options for meeting chicks in Temple Town.

How to get to Siem Reap

There was once a time when Siem Reap was a sort of obscure place choked off by twisting jungles. Just getting there requires quite a trek. Even a few years ago, the trip in over road was long and bumpy. Plus, it came with risk of guerrilla or bandit attacks!

Most people who visit Siem Reap today probably just fly right into town. The Siem Reap airport has been greatly expanded. It now has direct flights to many cities around Asia. So you don’t need to pass through any other part of Cambodia on the way in unless you want to.

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Of course Cambodia has a lot to offer. If you have read our guides to girls bars in Phnom Penh or meeting women in Sihanoukville, then you know you can find ladies all over the country. In fact, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville are both actually better cities for meeting women than Siem Reap. The only place that’s really worse than Siem Reap for meeting women is maybe Koh Rong.

Don’t get us wrong. You can definitely meet women in Siem Reap as you will see. Just don’t expect it to be heaven on earth for men. It’s far from it. So don’t worry if you have to start out your trip in Phnom Penh and then take a bus or airplane to Siem Reap from them. You’ll be better off for it!

Meeting women in Siem Reap

Meeting women in Siem Reap can be easy or difficult. It all depends on your luck and your approach. It is not really the place where you can do day game on local women. You will barely come in contact with any. You can try hitting on foreign women in the temples and around town. Just make sure they don’t have a dad or husband around the corner taking pictures at two monkeys humping in a coconut tree.

You will do best at meeting women after the sun goes down. Talk to chicks along the riverside stroll or in the night market. Or head to the handful of bars and clubs where you can actually find women. Good places to look for ladies in Siem Reap include:

  • Beer Battle
  • Siem Reap Party House
  • Hub Club

Honestly, there are no great options in Siem Reap for meeting women. It’s famous for temples, not hookups. Tinder even sucks in Siem Reap. At most you might match with a lonely Chinese tourist or something. At worst, you’ll match with 25 Khmer ladyboys with hidden dicks in their dresses.

Online dating is still the best way to go though. That’s because you can start looking long before you get to Siem Reap. Then you can find ladies from all over the country. You just need to used a focused dating platform like Chinese Kisses. Cambodia is small and it might not be too tough to get a beautiful Khmer woman to meet you for a nice relaxing trip to Angkor Wat followed by nights of sweaty love making at the hotel. Siem Reap is one of the biggest cities in Cambodia anyway, so you can find lots of local ladies online.

Prostitution in Siem Reap

If you can’t get lucky and score a freebie, you are not out of options. You never have to go home and beat your meat in Cambodia. There’s always a way to pay-for-play no matter where you find yourself in the country. There are even prostitutes in the Cambodian mountains and countryside. So you know there are hookers in Siem Reap!

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You might expect there to be a lot of prostitution in Siem Reap since so many tourists go there. That’s a common mistake. Most prostitution in Cambodia is actually for Cambodians. The foreigners are a smaller secondary market. Don’t let the lying mass media tell you otherwise.

There is a whole avenue in Siem Reap called “Khmer Pub Street”. It is filled with KTVs (karaoke bars), beer gardens and sex massage parlors. Every local guy knows it. That includes all of the tuk tuk drivers in Siem Reap.

Beware of the tourist tax!

Since most of the foreigners in Siem Reap are obviously tourists, the local pimps take advantage of the situation. They charge very high amounts of money to foreigners. Often times, foreign guys are being asked five times as much as local guys for the same ladies. Since most tourists go for this sort of thing, it continues on.

As a foreigner, you might be quoted as much as $120 for an hour of sex. The real price to have sex with a woman from any of the clubs on Khmer Pub Street is 20 to 40 dollars. The price is in American dollars, because that’s the commonly excepted currency in Cambodia. The local currency is only used for small purchases, because no one wants to tell you sex with a hooker costs one hundred and sixty thousand Riel. Note well that the price includes use of a hotel room. So don’t pay extra for that. You will have to bring your own condoms though.

If you want a girlfriend experience, you will have to deal with freelancers. These are women who work on their own and sell sex to foreigners. Some of them are pretty old and unattractive. But they can usually speak English, and they are familiar with the weird ways of the barang.

There aren’t many places to meet freelance prostitutes in Siem Reap. There are no hostess bars though, so it’s really your only option. If you want to find freelancers check Mickey’s Night Bar and X-Bar. If not, check the two nightclubs called Temple Bar and Hip Hop Club. Just be forewarned that not every woman in those clubs is a prostitute!

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