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Girly bars in Phnom Penh: All about the city’s hostess bars


Girly bars in Phnom Penh are popular. There used to be just a few hostess bars in the city. Now there are probably a hundred of these bars. Cambodia is developing and becoming safer and more alluring. Every day more guys travel to Cambodia. The guys land in Phnom Penh and discover the naughty nightlife. The girly bars are at the heart of it all.

There is more to Phnom Penh’s nightlife than just girly bars. But the hostess bars are the most visible and accessible. Most new visitors start out in the hostess bars. Expats also visit the better hostess bars too. They’re so much fun that it is hard to stay away.

What is a girly bar?

Girly bars are also known as hostess bars. They are common in Southeast Asia. Cambodian hostess bars are like hostess bars in Vietnam, but there are some differences. Cambodian women have a reputation for being conservative. In most cases that is true, even though there are some really wild slutty girls around.

These places are basically just bars with girls in them. They are there to keep the male customers company. The girls get a small salary each month for their work. But they make most of their money from lady drinks or having sex with customers.

girly bar in Phnom Penh

Bars make money by selling drinks. That’s no secret. In hostess bars, there are also “lady drinks.” These drinks are slightly more expensive than normal drinks. The extra money charged for these drinks goes to the ladies who drink them. Hence the name!

Usually, guys who want to sit with a girl will buy her a lady drink. They only cost about $3.50 so it’s no major investment. At some girly bars the women are shy and standoffish. Many are just in from the provinces and aren’t used to city life. They definitely are used to be hairy foreign guys wanting to get into their pants.

Some of the girly bars in Phnom Penh have reputations for being a lot wilder. That might mean that ladies dance on the bars at times. It could also mean the chicks like to get touchy-feely with customers. In some bars the ladies even have a reputation for blowing guys or having sex with them in secluded areas.

For the most part though the girly bars are just places where you can hang out with Cambodian chicks. You shouldn’t expect much more as a newbie. That’s probably all you will see until you get more experience.

Sex with Cambodian bar girls

You might be surprised to learn that some of the bar girls in Phnom Penh do not have sex with customers. There are even virgins working in the bars. That should help explain why some of the women seem so shy. Cambodia isn’t like America where women freely bang guys on the regular.

There are many bar girls who do have sex with customers. Some bars have more of these women than others. Things can change too. The staff turnover is high in a lot of the girly bars. The only real way to know what’s going on is to get on the ground and check things out for yourself. If you want to plan ahead, you can start chatting to obvious bar girls on Asian Dating and try to pipeline something for a future visit.

If a bar girl agrees to have sex with you, she can’t just walk out of the bar. That’s not the way it works. The bar wants to be compensated for the salary it paid the girl to work. So you have to pay what is called a bar fine. This is common at bars all across Southeast Asia.

The bar fine in Phnom Penh girly bars is usually $10. It is added onto your bill. You have to pay it before you leave the bar. From the bar, you can either have a night on the town with your new found friend or go straight to a girl friendly hotel like the Lux.

Some bar girls a very sweet ladies who prefer to go about things like boyfriend and girlfriend. There are some hardcore bar girls too, but they aren’t as common in Phnom Penh as they are in Pattaya or Bangkok.

There is no official price for bar girl sex in Phnom Penh. It depends on the girl. Some will negotiate the price in the bar before going anywhere. Others just go about it like a couple with money discreetly handed over in the morning.

The usual range paid to bar girls in Phnom Penh for sex is between $20 and $100. Some pay more or less. Fifty bucks for a night is pretty standard now. We’re talking American money. Most people use US dollars in Cambodia. The local money is inexpensive so people mainly use it for change.

Where are the girly bars in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. It has the most people. It also has the most girly bars. Thankfully, the girly bars in Phnom Penh are concentrated in one main area. If you have read our guide on where to stay in Phnom Penh you already know that area is the riverside.

Map of girly bars in Phnom Penh

Street 104, Street 130, and Street 136 along the riverside have the most girly bars. But there are now hostess bars on many surrounding streets too. Street 110, Street 118, and Street 172 also have lots of girly bars. It makes sense to check them all out to see what you can find. Some times the big and popular bars are full of bitter older chicks while there are fun parties with hot twenty year babes going on in smaller places.

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