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How to meet women on Koh Rong


Koh Rong is a beautiful tropical island off the coast of Cambodia. It is a part of Cambodia, and well connected by boat. Not long ago it was like being another world away. Now a good number of people are traveling there to enjoy the sites. That includes ladies of course. So it makes sense that if you are planning a trip, you will would want to know how to meet women on Koh Rong.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about meeting women on Koh Rong. First, we will tell you how to get to Koh Rong. Then we will tell you about your options for meeting women on Koh Rong. Finally, we will explain how you can bring a local lady with you from the mainland if you worry about being lonely during your island stay.

How to get to Koh Rong

Koh Rong is known by everyone in Sihanoukville, and even in most of Cambodia. So even if you were totally lost you could find your way there by asking. You wouldn’t probably get the best route or prices though. There’s a chance you’d get taken advantage of and ripped off.

We have already explained how to get to Sihanoukville. Now we are going to tell you how to get from that casino-filled beach town to Koh Rong. It’s really not that difficult, but it is better if you have a guide to explain things in English.

Koh Toch is the most popular part of the island. That’s probably where you want to go. To get there, take a tuk tuk down to Serendipity Pier. Then just wait for a ferry. They have a schedule, but as with anything in Cambodia it is pretty flexible.

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If you don’t want to float by the seat of your pants, you can buy a ferry ticket a couple of days before your trip. Any guest house or travel agent can help you with that. If you go that route, they’ll often pick you up at your hotel for free too. Tickets are about $25.

If you are going to Prek Svay, take the local boat from Pier 52. It leaves at 7 in the morning, so arrive early. The price is $5 each way, and you’ll be at sea with a bunch of local fisherman for three hours. To head to any of the smaller villages or beaches, ask around to see who can take you.

Koh Rong is a little island on a world scale. On foot as a single person though, it is huge. There are four different towns on the island and almost 30 beaches. So make sure you go to the right part of the island to start out with. If you don’t, you’ll be forced to hire a shaky local boat to take you around.

Meeting women on Koh Rong

Koh Rong is a really low-tech or “off the grid” kind of place. In fact, that is the main draw for most people who go there. People visit Koh Rong with the idea of living out their own little shipwrecked desert island fantasy for a couple of days.

A part of that is that there is no big nightlife or pickup scene anywhere on the island. After all, you wouldn’t expect to meet a lot of women in the middle of nowhere, right? You don’t head to the middle of nowhere if you want to find other people to begin with.

But human beings are ultimately social creatures. No matter where we are, we find ourselves wanting the company of others. People sectioned off in isolation in prison often go crazy. They’d actually like to be around the other inmates, even if they are a bunch of listless criminals.

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You can certainly meet people in Koh Kong. That includes women too. And if you’re going to meet anyone, it might as well be a woman with breasts and a vagina. That beats anything your male friends can come up with to be sure.

There are some locals on Koh Rong. Truthfully though, they rarely mingle much with the foreigners. They aren’t much to look at anyway. So your main dating pool is going to be the few backpacker chicks you can find on the island. They aren’t the kind of people who spend much time on hygiene even during the best of times though. So be prepared to deal with that and more on an island with little infrastructure.

Online dating isn’t even going to be too great on Koh Rong. Internet access is spotty, and depending on where you stay there is a good chance you won’t even be able to plug in your phone for a charge. So basically, you are going to be stuck with a “what you see is what you get” type of situation.

Prostitution on Koh Rong

It is no secret that Cambodia home to a lot of prostitutes and prostitution. You might think there would be hookers anywhere you can find foreigners. Surprising as it is for some, the majority of prostitution in Cambodia is actually meant for Cambodians! There is an increasing amount for Chinese guys who are flooding into the country too. But more on that another time.

There is not always a lot of prostitution around foreigners in Cambodia. Siem Reap is home to Angkor Wat. That’s the most popular place for foreigners in the entire country. But guess what? There aren’t many prostitutes there for foreigners. There are just one or two bars where you can meet freelancers. Sure there are some brothels out of town that will take you on as a customer. But those are really for the locals.

So what about Koh Rong? Well, the truth is that there isn’t much going on in terms of pay-for-play. There aren’t any brothels or anything like that on the island. That doesn’t mean you are out of options though. Sihanoukville is just across the water. If you have read our guide to meeting women in Sihanoukville, then you know there are lots of prostitutes there. So if you really want some company on Koh Rong, and you don’t want to deal with smelly backpacker armpits, then just negotiate to bring a hooker with you from the mainland. It is as easily said as done!

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