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Guide to sex in Asian KTV clubs


If you have ever seen the many KTV clubs in Asia, you might have wandered what goes on inside of them. Seeing the beautiful women hanging around the places only makes you more curious. As you might have guessed, in many cases you can actually have sex in Asian KTV clubs. You just have to know where to go and what to do.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about KTV in Asia. First, we will tell you what a KTV even is. Then, we’ll tell you about having sex with KTV women. Next, we’ll tell you where to find KTV clubs in Asia. Finally, we’ll round it all out with a conclusion and summary. If you still have any questions after reading all of this, just post them in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer.

What is an Asian KTV?

You can find KTV all over Asia. Usually they spell the word “KTV” right out in English letters on their signs. If we want to know what these places are, we should first figure out what KTV stands for. It is actually pretty easy to discern. KTV just means “Karaoke television.”

Karaoke is the art of singing along with music. In its modern form, it comes from Japan. That’s why the Japanese word “karaoke” is used instead of something in English like “group sing along.” The television part is pretty self explanatory. The lyrics are shown on a television screen and played along with the music.

Asian KTV sex

There are different kinds of karaoke around the world. In America, you get a karaoke night in bars where a bunch of drunks sing in front of a crowd of strangers. In Asia, you can find private karaoke rooms where you can sing with your friends, family, or girlfriends. But you also have adult KTV.

The adult KTV clubs are what this guide is all about. They are basically hang outs for guys. Like hostess bars in Cambodia, they have lots of beautiful and sexy women working inside. The women are there to sing, drink and have fun with you. In a lot of KTV, they will even have sex with you too!

How do KTV clubs work?

In general, KTV are set up for groups of guys to go and party with women. You get drinks and food, and you have a good time in the room with the girls. You don’t even have to sing unless you want to. The women who work in the KTV are hostesses. So they can sing for you if you want. Or you can just play music and have a good time. It’s like being in your own private party, complete with catering.

Normally you pay a fee per hour in a KTV. This will include some kind of drinks and snacks. Or you can order up food and drinks off the menu, then pay a room fee. Some places have sitting charges for the girls you chose to hang out with too. Other places just expect you to tip them a little. Most KTV have VIP rooms that are big and luxurious. They usually have small intimate rooms too. All of this depends on the club. Just ask up front before you agree to anything. That way you won’t get stuck with a crazy scam bill. Depending on where you are, you could spend anywhere between three and three thousand dollars for a few hours of fun.

Having sex in a KTV

What about having sex? In some KTVs in Taiwan and South Korea, you get a blowjob as a part of your fun. The women start stripping throughout the night. By the end, they have your penis in their mouth. Actually, nudity and even full sex happens in KTV rooms throughout Asia all the time. It’s more common in some countries like China, Taiwan and South Korea. It’s less common in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

It is more common that you just ask a KTV woman to go to a room with you after you sing. Some big KTV complexes have rooms themselves. Or they are attached to big hotels with their own rooms. In this places, you can negotiate for sex like you would at any big massage parlor.

Meeting KTV women for sex

Otherwise, you just ask the KTV women you like to meet you outside. Then you can go to a guest friendly hotel or your own room. That way it is no different than picking up a prostitute from a go go bar. The main thing is that KTV women are free to chose who they go with. Some are married and won’t have sex at all. Others will sleep with anyone who asks. Normally you are expected to pay money for the sex. But it’s not unheard of for guys to meet fuck buddies or even girlfriends in KTVs.

If you are solo, you are not necessarily out of luck. Some KTV are tuned in to the needs of single guys. They will offer a lineup of women available for immediate action. So if you roll up to one of these clubs, it will be like visiting a brothel. The mamasan will introduce you the prostitutes in the club. Then she’ll explain the prices, which are usually negotiable. We’ve seen this kind of “on demand” action in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China. But be forewarned that it doesn’t happen at every KTV!

Where to find Asian KTVs for sex

Now that you know about having sex with KTV women, you probably want to know where to find the KTVs! Well, like we said earlier you can find them in pretty much every country in Asia. Maybe Brunei doesn’t have them. But every other country in Asia does, from the richest to the poorest.

How do you know if the KTV you are going to is a sex KTV? Well, the easiest way would be just to ask. Asian people can be modest, but they don’t usually try to lie about sexual services. When you can get action, they will tell you inside. Or just look at your surroundings. Lots of sexy women in a club with a lot of male customers normally means something more than just singing is going on. Then again, you never know. Some of the best looking chicks work in the no sex KTV clubs. That still doesn’t bar you from meeting them outside for some fin on your own though!

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