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Guys Info Hub aims to provide guys with all the information they could ever want or need about meeting women all over the world. After all what else really is there when you boil it all down? No matter your outlook, you have to agree that the driving force behind it all is for guys and girls to meet up and do what they do best!

Sure there are already a lot of websites on the internet that publish stuff on similar topics, but we haven’t seen anything that does what we want to do here.

We’re not looking to establish a personal blog with accounts of one man’s romantic or sexual conquests. That can be fun to read, but that’s about all it is. We’re not looking to become something like an expat or digital nomad blog that tells you how to find freelance jobs and sex women in your spare time either. There are many of those around already. Finally, we don’t want to be like the big commercial sex industry blogs out there. We want to concentrate a lot of important and interesting information in one place where everything is easy to find. No offense to any of the websites or webmasters who have come before us, but we got so tired of digging for information that we decided to compile it all here!

Where does this information come from?

We don’t claim to have gone to every country in the world to visit each and every place and woman that is mentioned on this website. We’re not even necessarily writing from our own personal experiences. Instead, our team simply collects and concentrates important information that can be picked up on the internet and through every day life in general. This is the kind of stuff it takes many years to learn about.

But why waste your precious time and energy going through all kinds of websites and books and waiting for drunken uncle to drop some hints and clues at the annual family gathering? All you have to do is navigate to Guys Info Hub and you can find it all here!

We have done our best to organize the information here into topics that are easy to browse through and navigate through the main menu. There is also a search field on each and every page of this website where you can enter any words or phrases you are interested in to see what comes up. If you are looking for information that you cannot find here, just let us know and we’ll do our best to fill in the blanks.

Nothing but the facts!

We do our best to collect and present up-to-date and relevant information for men, but obviously we cannot be everywhere at all times. Things do change and information posted here or anywhere else can be mistaken or go out of date. We’re not omnipresent, we’re just guys. On top of that, we present this information for your edification and elation. There are no warranties here expressed or implied. Don’t look to us for answers about what you should or shouldn’t do. Play at your own risk and chose your own path in life. That’s a big part of being a man.

We do hope that you’ll help us build up our database of information for guys though. If you know something that we don’t, let us know in a comment. We welcome any and all updates, corrections and just regular old comments. We’ll publish all comments unless they’re meant to promote products or otherwise or if they are just plain wrong.


We are not an adult producer of any kind. We don’t produce anything but text. Any adult oriented pictures you see here are produced by professionals in the field. We didn’t create any of it. If you have any issue with a picture you find here, you should get in touch with the actual producer.

It should go without saying that we don’t support or promote any illegal activity. Actually, we don’t support any activities at all! We just collect and curate vital information, then we boil it down and give it to you in its purest form.

How we make money

Of course we do want to be rewarded at least somewhat for our efforts. So we accept some advertising on this website. We also take part in some affiliate programs and place affiliate links on this website.

This website doesn’t endorse every advertiser that appears on this website. We don’t have the time or power to go through everyone who wants to advertise and suss them all out. You should practice due diligence and critical thinking skills as you navigate through this website and life in general.

The affiliate programs we participate in pay us a commission when we refer customers. This commission doesn’t effect you at all. You don’t pay any more than you normally would if you purchase any goods or services after being referred from this website. In some cases, you might even get a discount.

If we think a product is great we will let you know. If we are not sure how good a product is, we will say that. We want to be up front and honest with you guys from the beginning. Running ads and participating in affiliate programs helps us keep the search for guys info and this website alive. We appreciate your support.

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