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Where to meet girls in Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Sihanoukville is home to the most popular beaches in Cambodia. It’s only a short ride from Phnom Penh and now you can even fly there. After you take a relaxing dip in the ocean your mind might start wandering elsewhere. Soon you’ll want to know where to meet girls in Sihanoukville. That’s why we made this guide.

Recently, Sihanoukville has gone through a sort of Chinese takeover. Tens of thousands of Chinese people have moved into the city and bought up all kinds of properties. Chinese casinos and restaurants have been constructed all over the city. More are in the works. This changed things a lot, but you can still meet girls in Sihanoukville.

Khmer women

Some visitors to Sihanoukville are surprised by the absence of Khmer women. You just don’t see many outside during the day or night. Forget about day game, you probably won’t even find a Khmer women to talk to you.

Sure there are Khmer women around, but mostly they’re going about their work. Or they are home with their families. That’s how it goes here. It’s still a conservative place where most women are virgins until marriage. You’re not in Phnom Penh anymore.

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If you read our guide to girly bars in Phnom Penh, then you now how these hostess bars work. Sihanoukville has some girly bars that are popular with expats. Travelers sometimes visit them too. The bars might be on the way out though. One street never seems to have recovered from a flood. The bar complex near the Golden Lions was reportedly purchased by Chinese investors. Victory Hill may be the last place left for hostess bars in Sihanoukville. You can take a tuk tuk to get there. Just tell them you want to go to the bars. They’ll get you there fast.

Sihanoukville prostitute

There is a new hostess bar area that just opened up called “The New Square.” So far there are only three bars, but they have some good looking ladies inside. Time will tell if they will prosper or get bought out by Chinese casino bosses.

If you don’t want to go to a hostess bar, you only have a few options. You could try your luck in one of the many karaoke clubs. They all have a full staff of women who keep customers company. Many of them work as prostitutes on the side too. The biggest problem is that karaokes aren’t used to single customers and most people inside can’t speak English. Popular KTVs include:

If the karaoke route sounds like too much money and effort. you could also visit “the chicken farm.” This is a group of cheap local brothels down by the docks that has somehow survived the construction boom. Sex is offered in shacks with no sweet talk or chit chat. You go in, do the deed, and leave. The price is ten dollars.

Get a Cambodian girlfriend

If you want to establish a real connection with a Cambodian woman you will have to put in some time and effort. We think it is worth it. Khmer women make great girlfriends and fantastic wives. The best thing about this option is that you can start right now.


When you sign up for an account at Asian Dating you can find many Khmer women in Sihanoukville. If they’re on that site, they are interested in meeting foreign guys. There’s a good chance they speak English too.

You might run into some wild women with experience around westerners. More likely you’ll find sweet local ladies who want to settle down. There’s nothing wrong with that. You would have a hard time finding a better woman to settle down with. Rural Cambodian ladies make truly excellent mates.

Chinese girls

The huge increase in the Chinese population brings another option. It should be possible to meet Chinese women in Sihanoukville now. We say “should be” because we can’t confirm this. We have noticed that a lot more Chinese men have moved to Sihanoukville than women. But there are some Chinese women around.

Unless you find one of the Chinese brothels in Sihanoukville, your best bet is going to be using an app. Usually we would recommend Tinder or something similar. With Chinese women, you are have more luck using the “find people around me” features on WeChat or Whatsapp. They are both popular with the Chinese.


If you strike out with everyone else, you can always rely on the backpackers. Even with the influx of Chinese people the western backpackers continue to come into the city. Outdated copies of Lonely Planet guides sold at a discount might have something to do with it. We don’t know for sure.

Some of the favorite backpacker beach hangouts have been torn down. Serendipity Beach is now a wasteland. The backpackers just moved on. You can find them at a lot of the various small bars and on the nearby islands that are just a boat ride away. With everything being so spread out you might have some luck with Tinder. Then again you might not. Some of the hippy types on the beach want to really “get away from it all” so they don’t even look at their phones.

Any hotel or bar running beer specials is going to attract a backpacker crowd. Once you locate them it is easy enough to zoom in on a particularly backpacker babe and do your magic. It shouldn’t take much effort at all to score from a backpacker at a party. It’s one of their favorite activities after meditation and yoga.

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