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Bangkok vs Jakarta for meeting women


Bangkok vs Jakarta for meeting women. It’s like a battle of the greats. The great draw against the great unknown. Old reliable on one hand and a little known up and comer on the other. Which one will win? And is it even really a contest?

In the past we have done a Bangkok vs Pattaya rundown. That is pretty close in geographical terms. You can get from Bangkok to Pattaya in a few hours by taxi. But Jakarta really isn’t that much further, assuming you take an airplane. You can fly from Bangkok to Jakarta in a couple of hours too.

In this guide, we will break down the Bangkok vs Jakarta comparison for horny guys who want to meet women. We’ll look closely at each city and the women inside of them. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of each city in the contest and more. This will give you a very idea of what to expect in both Bangkok and Jakarta in terms of meeting chicks.

Bangkok vs Jakarta

Indonesia is a much bigger country than Thailand in terms of both size and population. It doesn’t get as much attention from most foreigners to be sure. But it is there. And it is the fourth biggest country in the entire world in terms of people. Thailand is the twentieth largest.

There are about ten million people in Jakarta. Officially, Bangkok has almost two million fewer people. But that might be a low estimate. Plus, Bangkok actually looks a little bigger and more developed in some ways. Especially around the Sukhumvit area, which is the best place in Bangkok for foreign men to stay.

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Both cities have a similar set up for people arriving. They both have airports that are between thirty minutes and an hour from the places most people will stay. Both also have infamously hellish traffic that can bring things to a grinding halt. Public transport is a little better in Bangkok. But cheap taxis are plentiful in both cities.

In terms of costs things aren’t all that different either. Food and taxis are cheap in both places. Booze is more expensive in Jakarta. But paid sex is generally a lot cheaper in Jakarta. There may be “more to do” in Bangkok. But the women are better in Jakarta.

Dating women in Bangkok and Jakarta

Dating women in Bangkok and Jakarta is somewhat similar. It is not difficult to meet women for casual dating, casual sex, real relationships or even marriage in either city. That’s one reason so many guys fleeing the West end up with women in these cities.

But dating might be a little easier overall in Jakarta, at least for those who are willing to actually go outside and put in the slightest of effort. And while you can find gorgeous women anywhere in the world, we actually think that Indonesian women are a little more beautiful generally speaking. If you want to make your own comparisons look at the ladies at Indonesian Sex Diary and then check out the chicks over at Creampie Thais.

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Even though Thailand is a smaller country, it is much more known to foreigners. That’s probably why there are more specific dating sites for foreign guys to meet Thai women. There are very good sites like Thai Friendly, plus a lot of smaller ones.

In Indonesia, there aren’t as many specific online dating options. If you fire up Tinder you’ll find a lot of prostitutes. But you can find some Indonesian women looking for guys online there. Or you can check out the premium dating sites which attract chicks who are more serious about dating.

So dating is easier in Bangkok for guys who want to stick to meeting women online. That’s just because there are many more concentrated options meant exactly for that reason. But if you’re willing to get out of your room and walk around, Jakarta is a much easier place for foreign guys to meet women. A surprisingly high number of Indo chicks get excited about Bule guys. No one is really excited about seeing Farang in Thailand anymore. Especially not in Bangkok.

Prostitution in Bangkok and Jakarta

Bangkok is without question the more well-known city of the two when it comes to pay-for-play sex. There are whole movies based around that fact. For example, Soi Cowboy features prominently in the blockbuster film the Hangover II, when one of the protagonists ends up banging a ladyboy on a drunken bender.

It is definitely certainly true that Bangkok has way more ladyboys than Jakarta. But when it comes to real females who were born with vaginas, Jakarta really might rival Bangkok in terms of availability. And it probably wins out in price too.

You might not realize from a basic visual inspection, but Jakarta has thousands of prostitutes. They mainly work in places more oriented to Asian guys ever since the infamous Blok M bottomed out. So they don’t necessarily advertise in crude and obvious ways with half naked ladies standing in the streets holding signs that say “free blowjob.”

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If you’ve read our review of Malioboro in Jakarta, then you know how wild and crazy the sex clubs in that city can be. Our review of Hotel Classic, where threesomes cost just forty US dollars, should also give you an idea of how cheap sex can be in Jakarta.

It might be a little easier for a random foreigner to walk into a Bangkok blowjob bar and get a nut sucked out instantly. Or to head into a Bangkok go go bar and look at women in the nude dancing before paying them for sex. But truthfully, it is not so difficult in Jakarta either.

Both cities have lots of women eager to offer sexual services to guys who will pay. So guys aren’t likely to get upset for a lack of options in either place. But in our experience opinion, Jakarta is a really great place to meet women that doesn’t get much attention from westerners while Bangkok is maybe just a little too well-known and this probably slightly overrated.

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