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Our review of Malioboro sex club in Jakarta


Malioboro is a huge club in the middle of Jakarta that is absolutely filled with women willing to do it all for the right price. It’s not marked out like a casino with bright flashing lights. Instead it sits there hidden in plain sight. Guys in the know pass by the building with a knowing smile. All the others don’t even realize what is going on right before their eyes.

While Indonesia is a rather conservative country, Jakarta is like a hot bed of wild fun. Maybe it’s because of all the cosmopolitan and urban influences. Or it could be the non-religious Chinese people there. But it’s probably just that people have a bit more freedom and anonymity in the big city. You can find the same kind of stuff in most major cities around the world. There’s even prostitution in Dubai.

In this review, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Malioboro sex club in Jakarta. First, we will tell you how to find Malioboro. Then we will tell you about the insides of the place and how it works. After that, we will describe the vast variety of prostitutes inside the club. Finally, we’ll tell you the price of sex at Malioboro so you can see whether or not this place is in your price range.

Location of Malioboro sex club

Like we said above, Malioboro is right in the middle of Jakarta. It’s not hidden away in some dark corner that you’ll never find without searching the international sex guide. If you’ve been through the Kota area, there’s a very good chance you’ve already passed Malioboro many times. That’s because it is located right on Jalan Gajah Mada.

If you want to find the place yourself, just search out the Malioboro Hotel. The Malio Club, and the Malioboro nightlife hang out are all there in the same place. It’s a multi-level building will all kinds of fun.

On the ground floor you get your wrist band when you enter. They use that to track your purchases while you are inside. You don’t pay anything until you leave, so be careful what you order. Otherwise you might walk out with some whopping bill that the militant security guys will very much expect you to pay. Beware of a thirty-five percent sin tax applied to your final bill too. That can come as a real surprise if you’re not expecting it. You’ll pay even more if you use a credit card.

Also on the ground floor is the Malio Club. That is literally a night club. But it’s special because there are topless dancers and lots of prostitutes around that you can have sex with. There’s also a spa with women who do extras. If you go upstairs, you get to the massage room. Here again you can have sex. Then on another upper level there is the lounge area that is like a Bangkok nude go go bar only bigger and better. There are women from around the world on the couches you can have sex with. Then there are topless dancers with perfect bodies who give you a blowjob if you buy them lady drinks. Even further up, you can find an Asian KTV club with more beautiful women.

Prostitutes at Malioboro

As you can tell, there are prostitutes in every single part of Malioboro. Some of them are local. Others come in from other countries to work. The managers at Malioboro call them “imports.” It’s pretty common slang in the Jakarta scene, and everyone knows what it means.

In the clubs, spa and lounge you will see the international women. They come from China, Russia, the Stans, Mongolia and occasionally Vietnam. There are also some local Indonesian women who hang around with them. These are the ladies you see on the seats waiting for customers. Or they mingle with guys in the club.

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In the massage parlor area you will find mostly older Chinese ladies. They are good at body work, and they can also work your body too. For some reason they seem to speak English better than most other women in Malioboro. That doesn’t mean much though. Few people other than the mamasans and cashiers can string together a complete sentence in English.

Up in the lounge are you have all the normal imports and local ladies that you would expect. But then you have the dancers too. Like we said, they are hot. They put the Thai go go dancers you see nowadays to shame. We’re talking about twenty year olds with perfect bodies and big bouncy tits. Between dancing they will come around and talk to you. They want you to buy them shots, and for that they will reward you!

Price of sex at Malioboro

Now that you know about all the various hookers inside of Malioboro, you probably want to know how much it costs to have sex with them. The price of sex at Malioboro depends on the women and what exactly it is they do for you. So you can spend a little or a lot. It is all on you.

If you have sex with any of the foreign women, you will pay about 2,200,000 Rupiah. That includes use of a hotel room for 90 minutes, shower, condoms, and then your time with the lady. She’ll normally blow you bareback then put a rubber on your willy and do you in multiple positions.

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If you chose one of the local Indonesian ladies from the same areas, you will pay less. The price then is 900,000 Rupiah. That means you pay less than half. But you will still get the exact same service, including use of hotel room for ninety minutes.

Then there are the dancers. They are the hottest women in the club. They come around selling drinks. If you buy drinks for them, they will get naked and let you touch their bodies all over. If you buy 20 drinks, they will give you a blowjob either there or out in the more private area. Not all of the dancers will have sex with you. If they do agree to do you, you will pay a lot of money. With drink costs, room fees, and payment to the dancers, you’ll drop at least 3,000,000 Rupiah. That’s still less than many ugly hookers charge in America. Malioboro isn’t cheap, but it’s hardly the most expensive place on earth either.

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