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Is it hard to hookup in Bangkok?


Is it hard to hookup in Bangkok? That depends. In general we find that Bangkok is one of the easiest places to have sex in the entire world. There are millions of people in Bangkok. At least half of them are women. A significant number of those women are horny or looking for love.

We are going to assume that you want to hook up with a so-called “regular girl”. Because if you are willing to pay, hooking up in Bangkok is as easy as walking into a place and opening your wallet. Or you can even order takeout from a website or app.

Hookup in Bangkok

How hard is it to hookup in Bangkok? Not vary. There are so many women and so many options there is really something for everyone. Young handsome guys who do well everywhere do even better in Bangkok. But even middle aged business travelers regularly hook up with local ladies in Bangkok. And again, we’re not even getting into all the professionals in town.

Hookups come in many forms. In Bangkok there are a lot of meet and greet then bang situations thanks to the internet and nightclubs. There are also friends with benefits. A lot of guys and girls in Bangkok have “giks” on the side. There are even some swingers around, but they’re not so evident. There is also a lot of sweet talking getting girls into bed. We don’t think lying to get ladies to have sex is cool though. If that’s your thing, we can’t help you there.

Day Game is dead

Day game isn’t a great option in Bangkok. Even though there are millions of women around, most don’t speak English. Even if you speak Thai the cold approach isn’t going to work well. It’s just too confrontational for most Thai people. They don’t even do it with each other.

If you insist on picking up chicks in person you are going to do best with women you already have some kind of relationship with. That means asking the hot waitress at your favorite restaurant or the hotel desk clerk to go out with you sometime. They are more likely to speak English anyway.

Club hookups in Bangkok

Clubs are good places to find hookups in Bangkok if that’s your scene. Insanity on Soi 11 is probably the most famous club for that kind of thing. If you show up when it is busy and play your cards right, you have a good chance of taking somebody home with you. If you plan on picking up chicks at Insanity you can grab a room at the girl friendly Grand Swiss Sukhumvit and you’ll only be a short walk away.

The trouble there is that you might run into a freelance prostitute if don’t know what to look for. It’s like Pontoon in Phnom Penh in that way. There are some women around who are actually hoping to have sex with someone at the club and get paid for it after. If you’re not looking for a pay-for-play thing, make sure you hookup with a civilian.

Another problem with clubs is that they’re loud, crowded and full of drunks. Again, if that’s your thing you can do well. If it’s not, you still have a lot of other options. In our view, the other options are a lot better.

Swingers in Bangkok

There are no open swingers clubs that we know of in Bangkok. They probably wouldn’t last long. It would be a big loss of face and the places would be shut down quick. Sure, there are lots of nude dancers in the go go bars. But group sex is something else. Why? We don’t know. You’d have to ask the people who are against it.

Anyway, there are actually a lot of swingers in Bangkok. Some are Thai and some are from other countries. Some Thai guys even have an Asian hotwife that they like to share. They used to be easy to find on Craigslist. But there are no adult classifieds there anymore.

Nowadays, your best bet to find swingers is to go to Adult Friend Finder. Some people think it is a scam, but we can confirm that there are lots of active people on Adult Friend Finder in Bangkok. Plenty of couples, groups and even open minded single women find their sex partners on that website. It is the best option for that sort of hookup.

Dating sites and apps

Tinder is okay in Bangkok. You can find a lot of women there. If you use the free account you’re limited to just fifty likes a day. If you pay for Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus you have more options, but you’re still limited. For example you only get 5 super likes a day and a lot of hot chicks only pay attention to super likes. Plus Tinder is full of bugs. The app notifications don’t work for a lot of people. So the girl you like might not even get the message until after you leave Bangkok.

On top of that, you run into the language problem again. Most Thai people don’t speak English. A lot of them are using to Tinder to meet other Thai people. Not farang like you. Even if they want to meet you, they won’t know how to communicate. You are much better off going for Thai women who can speak some English and are interested in foreigners.

Thai Friendly

Dating sites like Thai Friendly are the best option to meet women in Bangkok. You might think dating sites are “old school” but they work. Especially in Bangkok! Plus the sites have apps too. So it’s not like you have to log in from an old super computer the size of a house. Just use your phone.

Not every woman on the Thai dating site wants to hookup. Some are seeking love or even marriage. They usually make that clear though. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. The lovelorn get horny too! We suggest running searches on these sites to find girls who fit your fancy. Then all you have to do is send messages.

You are almost guaranteed to get results. You will probably even end up talking to more Thai girls than you can handle. From there you can either go the direct approach and ask them to come right to your room. You might be surprised how often that works! Otherwise just tell them you want to meet and set up a date at a coffee shop in one of the many Bangkok malls. If you followed our guy’s guide on where to stay in Bangkok you’ll be surrounded by them.

Better yet, sign up for accounts on these dating sites and start looking for ladies now. With this kind of “pipe lining” you can have ladies lined up and ready to meet you as soon as you touch down. You might even be able to get one of them to pick you up at a Bangkok airport and escort you to your room. This is the kind of thing that makes Thailand so amazing.

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