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Where to stay in Bangkok: The solo guy’s guide


Millions of people travel to Thailand every year. Most of them enter the country at Bangkok. It’s the capital of the country and center of everything. It’s filled with naughty nightlife and millions of great women. If you plan on going to Thailand you are going to want to know where to stay in Bangkok.

That’s what Guys Info Hub is all about. We wrote this guy’s guide on where to stay in Bangkok with men like you in mind. Below you are going to find out everything you need to know to get stationed in the right location.

Where to stay in Bangkok

Bangkok is a huge city. It’s one of the biggest in Asia and even the world. The size of the city is big. So is the population. If you just try to find the cheapest room, you are going to end up in a bad location. Don’t waste your trip sweating away in some dirty slum looking for taxis to get too and fro. Get a room in a great central location and make your trip that more enjoyable!

There is a lot of tourist information about Bangkok on the internet. But little of it is aimed at solo male travelers. Things are different when you’re a guy on his own. You want to check out the world famous Bangkok bars and try to date some Thai women. You need a different game plan from family travelers and yoga class-takers.

Lower Sukhumvit: The heart of it all

Lower Sukhumvit is the place you want to be in Bangkok. As a man you couldn’t do better anywhere else. This is the heart of the action. You are in walking distance to the famous Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) and Soi Cowboy go go bar districts. Not to mention all the blowjob bars and massage parlors around. Plus you’re surrounded by good restaurants and some major shopping malls that are great places for first dates with women you meet on Thai Friendly.

If you do need to get anywhere else in the city like Patong, all you have to do is stop one of the hundreds of taxis on Sukhumvit. The fares are dirt cheap. You probably won’t pay more than two or three dollars to get where you are going.

Any number of hotels in the lower Sukhumvit area will suit the solo male traveler. The main thing is to make sure you choose a girl friendly hotel. That means the hotel will let you bring women back to your room. You would surprised, but some places don’t go for that.

Here’s a list of good guest friendly hotels for guys in the lower Sukhumvit area:

These hotels have different ratings and prices. They’re listed from cheapest to most expensive. You should be able to find something on the list that is suitable. Book your room as soon as you can and lock in a good price. At certain times of the year hotel room prices shoot way up in Bangkok.

Khao San Road: A no go area

Khao San Road is a famous place for foreigners. But it attracts a certain type. They are known as cheap charlies. Thais have their own names for them. These are people who spend two thousand dollars to fly to Thailand then stay in a shared hostel and try to barter down the price of a pineapple.

We’re not going to disrespect you just because you’re low on cash. We’ve all been there. The cool thing about Bangkok is that it is still reasonably priced. Even if you are on a budget you can stay in a decent hotel or apartment. You don’t need to slum in the tourist ghetto.

Unless you want to try your luck with white backpacker chicks, you should probably avoid Khao San Road. It’s where the unwashed white masses wash up and pretend to be poor. There is a lot of armpit odor floating around and little soap. Sure some of the girls are really easy, but you can find them back home. Why bother when you’re surrounded with beautiful feminine Thai ladies?

Hotel room vs Airbnb in Bangkok

Hotel rooms are pretty cheap in Bangkok considering it is a major city. If you are headed to Bangkok for a few days or even a few weeks, hotels are a good choice. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the room or anything else. You just use it and leave.

If you plan on staying for more than a week, you are probably better off getting an Airbnb room in Bangkok. Not only is it cheaper and maybe more comfortable. It makes it look like you live in Bangkok. That helps a lot with meeting Thai women. They see so many foreigners pass through temporarily. A lot of them don’t want anything to do with tourists. If you are set up in a furnished apartment, you are ahead of the curve.

If you do go the Airbnb route, look for condos around Nana and Asoke. There are many in the area and they’ll give you great access to everything lower Sukhumvit has to offer. Just make sure the owners allow you to bring guests to the room. A handful do not. You don’t want to be running to a short time hotel every time you meet someone.

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