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Bangkok versus Pattaya for guys


Bangkok and Pattaya are by far the two most attractive cities in Thailand for solo male travelers. Both cities are world famous for their naughty nightlife. But not everyone has enough time to spend traveling between two different towns that are hours apart from each other. So any man headed to the land of smiles is going to want to see a breakdown of Bangkok versus Pattaya for guys.

We have already compared Manila and Angeles City in terms of finding sex as a man. Now we are going to put the two other most famous sex cities in Southeast Asian up against each other. We will break down the differences between each city. Then we will talk about the availability of women. With this information, we will be able to draw some sound conclusions.

Bangkok vs Pattaya

Bangkok and Pattaya are two Thai cities that are only two hours away from each other by car. So you might wonder how different they could really be. On the one, you would be right. Yet at the same time, there are some major changes you see going from one place to another. The most obvious is that Bangkok is a large metropolis while Pattaya is a beachside resort city. Yet even that line is becoming blurred as Pattaya’s skyline continues to fill up with high-rise condominiums.

Basically, Bangkok is a huge urban city with two airports that connect to most of the world. Pattaya is a medium-sized city on the ocean that is organized around tourism. It only has one airport, and it’s pretty far out of town. So most people heading to Pattaya fly into Bangkok anyway.

You can get the best picture of these two cities by visiting both. Indeed, that is what a lot of guys do nowadays. After spending many hours on an airplane, they do a night or two in Bangkok. Then they head down to Pattaya after they’ve already gotten their bearings. Other guys wants the fun immediately though, so they taxi straight from the airport in Bangkok down to Sin City.

Bangkok is better for dating

Being a much bigger and more “normal” city, Bangkok clearly has the upper hand for guys who want to date. If you want to find a Thai girlfriend, get married to a Thai girl, or just want to hookup with random strangers, then Bangkok is going to be by far the better city for you.

You can easily set up in an AirBNB condo along Sukhumvit Boulevard then pull women from online dating sites like Thai Friendly. Meet them nearby in a coffee shop or mall, and it won’t be difficult at all to get them back to your room. Of course having some day game will help you meet Thai girls. But as long as you have an internet connection, you shouldn’t have any trouble even if you aren’t exactly a stud back home.

Hi So Thai girl

You can find all sorts of women in Bangkok. First there are the many foreigners. Any foreign women in Pattaya will probably be attached to guys or family. But foreign women in Bangkok are more likely to be single and desperate. With so many hot Thai women around, most guys ignore foreign women completely. So they can be an easy score, assuming you can put up with them for more than 30 seconds while watching all the sexy Asian women go by.

When it comes to Thai women, you can meet everything from the rich hi-so set to regularly retail cashiers in Bangkok pretty easily. In Pattaya, everyone knows the score and all foreigners are assumed to be sex tourists. But in Bangkok you will be given more respect at first, even if you are in town just for some strange. It’s up to you whether or not you want to throw the good assumptions away with your actions.

Don’t get us wrong, there is plenty of prostitution in Bangkok. In fact, there is probably more prostitution in Bangkok than Pattaya just based on shear size alone. But if you are a foreigner and you mainly want to have sex with hookers, than Pattaya is a slightly better choice.

Pattaya is better for prostitution

Thailand is well-known for its prostitution. You can find it all over the country. Even peaceful mountain towns like Chiang Mai have thousands of hookers. When it comes to pay-for-play for foreigners though, Pattaya has the clear win.

Pattaya basically grew up around prostitution. It was just a little beach with a few fisherman until American soldiers showed up around the time of the Vietnam War. Long after the US Army was heading back home, the town was still booming thanks to lots of foreign guys coming into town to spend their hard earned money on local ladies.

Thai bar girl Jenga

Today Pattaya is trying to be more of a family-friendly resort town. But if you’ve read our guide to anal sex in Pattaya, you know the place is still very wild and very crazy. There are streets after streets filled with prostitutes working out of beer bars, fully nude go go bars, and massage parlors of all sorts. Then you have the street hookers and even thousands of ladyboys.

And while you can find cheap sex in Bangkok if you know where to look, Pattaya is absolutely filled with it. You can walk in off the street and get on-demand oral and full vaginal sex for just 1000 Baht. At current exchange rates, that means you’ll pay just about thirty dollars America. If that’s too rich for your blood, worry not. You can also find Beach Road freelancers who will suck and ride you for half that. Or go full Cheap Charlie and head up to Bush Mountain. There you can get your penis sucked by a Thai woman for a mere $6.

This should make it pretty obvious why we think Pattaya is the better place to go for prostitutes. It definitely isn’t the only game in town if you’re into pay-for-play. But it is most certainly the best choice if having sex with hookers is your main goal.

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