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Having sex at Classic Hotel in Jakarta


Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia. This is a religious country, but the capital city can get really wild. It’s the kind of cosmopolitan decadence your grandma warned you about, and it’s great. Having sex at the Classic Hotel is just one of the many ways guys get busy in the Big Durian. The prices are so low as to be amazing!

In this guide we are going to tell you everything we know about having sex at the Classic Hotel in Jakarta. And that’s a lot! We will tell you what the Classic Hotel is and where to find it. Next we’ll tell you about the three sex clubs inside. Finally, we will tell you about having sex with the prostitutes at the Classic.

What is the Classic Hotel?

The Classic Hotel is really just a girl-friendly hotel in Jakarta. What makes it different from so many other hotels in the city is that it contains several clubs filled with prostitutes. These are mostly hot and sexy Indonesian hookers who are willing to have sex with you or anyone else on the cheap. Surely you can see the allure here!

You would have no way to know what is going on inside the Classic Hotel just by looking at it. You might even stay in one of the rooms there and miss out on the fun in the building. This is how a lot of stuff goes in Southeast Asia. Some people say it is a form of saving face. In Indonesia, maybe it would better described as a form of saving ass. The less the conservative anti-sex zealots know, the better. Once they get a clue what’s going on, all the fun comes to an end.

Sex clubs at the Classic Hotel

There are a total of three sex clubs at the Classic Hotel. At first glance you might not even see them. At second glance, you might think they’re just night clubs. Once you go inside any of the clubs however, you will see a lot of indication that you can get lucky.

The is one club on the ground floor. There is another on the second floor. Then there is a third on the fifth floor. You can move up and down on the escalators and go from one place to the next. Inside, they’re all pretty much the same. You have to pay a cover charge at each place. But it’s cheap and if you buy even a bottle of Coca Cola you negate it.

Inside the clubs you’ll see a lot of seats, a stage, and more seats around the walls. The seats on the floor are you and guys like you. The stage is for a DJ, a live band, bikini dancers, or strippers with perfect bodies who come late at night.

The seats around the walls are for the prostitutes. There are over fifty in each club. They wear sexy dressed but otherwise just sit there. You can go up to any of them you want. Just don’t expect them to speak English. Or you can wait ten seconds and the mamasans of each group will be pestering you to take their girls.

Having sex at the Classic Hotel

If you let the mamasan take control, they’ll have you embedded in a threesome before you can say terima kasih. Better is to take control yourself. If you decide you want to have sex with a prostitute, then you should be in charge of deciding what goes on. At the very least, you should chose the prostitute or prostitutes you want to have sex with!

Most of the hookers in the Classic Hotel bars are very hot. You won’t find many fatties here. You probably won’t find any. These women aren’t virgins by any means, but they’re fit and very sexy. These are the kinds of bodies you dream about.

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The price of sex with a prostitute at Classic Hotel is 350,000 Rupiah. A threesome comes with a discount. So the cost for that is only 575,000 Rupiah. At the current exchange rates, this means that sex with a woman at Classic costs less than 25 dollars American while a threesome costs just forty bucks. Those prices are hard to beat anywhere!

When you agree to have sex with one or more of the hookers at Classic, you go down some stairs into a basement level of the hotel. There you find pretty nice rooms with big clean beds, showers and mirrors. There is wait staff to bring you any drinks or cigarettes you need. Of course the hookers are there too. After showering they will normally blow you and then have protected sex with you in many positions.

As we said earlier, the prostitutes at Classic Hotel can’t speak English. The mamasans and waitresses usually can. None of this matters much though. It’s not a pick up bar. It’s basically a club that is more like a brothel. Everyone knows why they are there, so there’s no need for a whole lot of discussion.

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