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How to meet good girls in Pattaya


Millions of guys go to Thailand each year. A lot of them end up in Pattaya. Most are looking for a good time and they’re willing to pay for. But after the flash wears off, some guys want to know how to meet good girls in Pattaya.

Can you meet good girls in Pattaya? We might ask, “why would you want to?” But seriously, we understand the urge many men have to meet decent ladies and settle down. Even having a girlfriend for a little while can be a fun and enriching experience. Especially when the girlfriend is a lovely Thai lady.

Does Pattaya have any good girls?

You’ve probably heard the phrase before. It has become a cliche at this point. Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya. Is it the same for women? Any lady that says she is going to Pattaya for work is going to give people a lot of ideas. There’s only one reason anyone goes to Pattaya. Right?

Some guys think every women in Pattaya is naughty. They’re totally wrong. How do you think the city keeps going? If every lady in Pattay was a prostitute who would man the hotel reception desks, clean the hotel rooms, cook the food, and work the 7Eleven cash registers? And what about all the female professionals in the city including dentists, doctors and real estate agents? There are thousands of good girls in Pattaya.

Dating in Pattaya

Pattaya actually has a pretty vibrant dating scene. Women in Pattaya are in regular contact with foreign guys, so they lose any fear they might have. And with so many guys spending all their time with prostitutes in bars, there are actually a lot of lonely women around. A lot of foreign guys have even found wives in Pattaya. It’s not that uncommon at all.

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A great thing about Pattaya is that there is so much to see and do. You will never run out of fun date ideas. Even if you did, you could make a quick and escape and be on any number of exotic islands or even up in Bangkok in just a couple of hours.

Another great thing about Pattaya is that you always have options to fall back on. If your girlfriend leaves you, you’re not stuck all alone. You can take a one minute walk and be surrounded by a hundred naked ladies in a go go bar. There’s always something to fall back on!

Where to find good girls in Pattaya

If you are serious about meeting good girls in Pattaya you basically have two options. The first is to hope you run into a good girl in your regular life and things just spark. This can happen, but obviously it’s mostly based on chance. You can try chatting up that lovely cashier at the coffee shop, but you never know if it will work or not. In the worst case scenario, you mess make getting your daily cup of coffee an awkward event.

Thais aren’t really confrontational people. Thai guys don’t even pick up Thai girls on the street. That’s why the best thing to do is sign up for Thai dating sites like Thai Friendly. There are some others, but this one is very clearly the best.

If you set up an account on Thai Friendly you are going to meet more women than you could ever hope to meet in real life. You can also take your time and be cool about it. There’s nothing awkward about sending a message through a dating site. There’s no risk of public embarrassment and rejection either.

Bets of all, you can be sure the women on this dating sites is interested in foreigners. Thai women don’t sign up for Thai Friendly to meet Thai men. They want to meet with foreign guys and chances are they can even speak English because of that.

Tinder can work in Pattaya but it is filled with freelance prostitutes looking for customers. There are some working women on the dating sites too, but they are kept in check. On Tinder it seems like a free for all. You might have to swipe left on a hundred profiles before you find a single lady with a mainstream job. Who has time for that?

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