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Are Chiang Mai women the most beautiful in Thailand?


Many people say that Chiang Mai women are the most beautiful ladies in all of Thailand. It is a sentiment that is commonly expressed by Thai people themselves. Other people understandably want to know if it is true.

So are the women of Chiang Mai the most beautiful ladies in Thailand? We are going to break down the information and arguments so you can make up your own mind. If you find that Chiang Mai women are beautiful, we’ll tell you how to meet them too!

The women of Chiang Mai

The women of Chiang Mai have a reputation as being the most beautiful in Thailand. If you ask Thai people, this is what they will tell you. You might have different taste. If you are into dark-skinned Isaan girls, you may disagree with the Thai adage.

beautiful Chiang mai woman

There are some differences between Chiang Mai woman and Thai women in the rest of the country. Chiang Mai belonged to its own kingdom in the past. It also has a lot of people from the mountains even from Myanmar. The language is a little different around Chiang Mai too.

The typical Chiang Mai girl has light skin and dark hair. When naked, a lot of them have light pink nipples and dark furry bushes. But the rest of their bodies are typically hairless. Chiang Mai girls also have higher noses and prettier faces on average. They also seem to have bigger boobs than other Thais.

When you see a Thai girl going through a lot of plastic surgery to get a high nose and big boobs or using skin-whitening cream, they are going for a Chiang Mai look. It’s basically the pinnacle of beauty for Thailand. More natural women would tend to look more like Lucy Thai.

Meet women in Chiang Mai

We have told you about many ways to meet Thai women. If you are going the paid route, you have less of a chance to meet real Chiang Mai women. That’s because there aren’t many Chiang Mai women working in the go go bars, beers bars, or massage parlors meant for tourists. In those places you find mainly women from Isaan.

There are Chiang Mai women who work as prostitutes. You can find them at places like Absolute Paradise Spa that are open to foreigners and Thai guys too.

There are two main ways to meet real Chiang Mai women. One is to just walk around the town and practice your day game. That will work for guys who know how to do it, especially if they can speak Thai. If you’re shy or unskilled in the approach, you probably won’t have much success.

Thai Friendly

The surefire method of meeting real Chiang Mai girls is to get on a site like Thai Friendly. You can easily narrow down the search field to only show women in Chiang Mai. There are more on the site than you could talk to. So you have a lot of choice.

If you have read this site you know that we recommend that every guy going to Thailand should sign up for Thai Friendly anyway. There is simply no better resource for meeting Thai women. No matter where you plan on going you can access an almost endless supply of Thai girls. They are all up for meeting foreigners too. That’s why they are on Thai Friendly. If they want to meet Thai guys they will just use Tinder. As a bonus, most of the women on Thai Friendly can speak English. If they can’t, it’s easy enough to use Google translate. So it’s really the best option.

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