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Where to get anal sex in Pattaya


Pattaya is world famous as a sex destination. Even if some tourism official wants it to be a family resort, the whole history of the place is tied up with selling sex. That hasn’t changed. And it probably won’t in any of our lifetimes. So it’s definitely not hard to find anal sex in Pattaya.

In this guide to anal sex in Pattaya, we will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll find out the best places to get anal sex in Pattaya. We’ll also tell you what to expect and how much it costs. Just remember to play safe. Any ass open to being poked in Pattaya has surely been visited by many a man before you!

Soi 6 Bars

If you read our guide to getting anal sex in Bangkok, then you know that city has lots of oily massage parlors. Pattaya isn’t really known for its oilies. The oily massage parlors that can be found aren’t hotbeds of butt sex either.

So your best bet for finding A+ in Pattaya isn’t in the massage parlors. Instead, it is the bars. Since there are so many bars, this can be a little time consuming. There aren’t any bars where you know all the women will take it up the poop shoot. But there are some areas you can focus in on for the best chances.

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Anal isn’t common in the go go bars. But a lot of women working the short-time bars on Soi 6 do give up the butt to customers. In some bars you won’t find any three-holers. In others you will find several. The only real thing you can do is ask around.

Some Soi 6 bars known to have women who take it in the backdoor include:

You can definitely find other bars with willing anal offerings. But these are some of the most reliable places we know of. There are usually women in these bars who take it up the tailpipe with pleasure. The price is reasonable too. Short-time on Soi 6 is normally 1000 Baht. That includes the price of the room upstairs. Some will try to get another 500 to 1000 Baht for butt sex, but most include it for free if you just ask.

Bang Ladyboy booty

If you don’t mind women with dicks, you have even more options for anal with ladyboys. Of course, Pattaya is full of them. They basically all take it in the booty hole without any negotiation required. Since they have dicks where the vagina is supposed to be, they make their poop shoots double up as boi pussies. That means you can get guaranteed anal from almost any ladyboy you meet in Pattaya.

a bottom TS from thailand

So where can you meet ladyboys? Frankly, they’re all over the place. You see them up and down Beach Road as well as in all malls and most restaurants. You can also meet as many as you want on Thai Friendly. The truth is that a lot of them are hookers. But just as there are good girls in Pattaya, there are also ladyboys who don’t sell sex.

For a sure thing, just go to any of the many ladyboy bars. Some popular Pattaya ladyboy bars for anal include:

You should expect to pay between 1000 and 2000 Baht for butt sex with a shemale in Pattaya. Usually, that includes use of the room. Pretty much every ladyboy bar in Pattaya has its own rooms upstairs. So you don’t need to bring a ladyboy for your room unless you want to. A lot of guys just stop in for some anonymous ass pumping, then dump a load in a ladyboy bunghole and leave.

Just make sure you spell things out clearly unless you want to get pumped up the pooper yourself. There are some aggressive tops mixed into the ladyboys who love nothing more than to avenge their bro-sister’s assholes by delivering a little painal of their own!

Other options for anal in Pattaya

Other than the bars listed above you have a few options for finding anal sex in Pattaya. It’s not as common as you might expect with Pattaya’s reputation. But at the same time, it’s really not hard to find some ripe and ready anus either.

You can try freelancers online and on Beach Road. That’s hit or miss. A lot of them don’t do anal anymore. If they do, they want a premium pay for it. Whereas most bar girls will throw in their ass as a part of the package, a lot of these girls want 500 to 1000 Baht more to give up the brown eye.

If you don’t want any hassles finding anal, head to the Devil’s Den on Soi LK Metro. The Devil’s Den is maybe the best place to get anal sex in all of Pattaya. When you go into the bar, the manager will call the girls to line up. They have a big line painted down the middle of the bar. The girls who do anal stand on one side. The girls who don’t stand on the other. You pick the one you want, and minutes later you’re balls deep in her butt. It’s that easy.

The Devil’s Den isn’t cheap. At 4000 Baht for an hour including the room it’s not overly expensive either. You do have to take at least two girls at a time, but that’s included in the base price. Now every man like threesomes. But it might be better if it was a choice. Still, you can’t really complain about two Thai girls letting you pound them in the stink. Especially at the Devil’s Den where they have custom-made sex rooms, dildos, and porn on the television. That’s the kind of thing that makes Pattaya world famous!

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