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Is Angeles City better than Manila for sex?


Is Angeles City better than Manila for sex? It’s the kind of question that any guy going to the Philippines would ask. One of the biggest draws of the country for male visitors is that the local ladies are so lovely. So it makes sense that you’d want to know where it is easiest to get with those women.

Manila and Angeles City are the two most popular place for men to hook up with Pinays. They’re both good in their own ways, but they do have their differences. They’re both obviously in the same country. And they’re not even that distant from each other. But your experiences will vary depending on where you go.

In this guide we are going to compare Angeles City and Manila in terms of scoring sex. We will break down the differences between both cities. Then we will figure out the highlights and low-points of each city. That way we can come up with a reasonable and rational conclusion to the question of whether Angeles City or Manila is the better place for horny men.

Manila vs Angeles City

Although they are both Filipino cities, comparing Manila and Angeles City is like comparing apples and golf balls. Manila is the capital of the country. It is a huge metropolis filled with polluted air and polluting vehicles. All the rich big shots live there, but getting around the place can be a nightmare. Angeles City is a much smaller city. The air there ain’t much cleaner, but you can walk around the only part you’d ever care about with relative ease.

There about two million people in Manila. It’s easy to get there. You can fly right in from many country. Angeles City has less than a half-million people. There’s an airport there, but it has limited access from the outside world. In Manila, you have full run of the big metro area. But the traffic will severely restrict your movements. In Angeles City, there isn’t nearly as much traffic. But most foreigners will never leave a small area or even a single street. So they’re just restricted by circumstance!

Manila is better for dating

Manila being the bigger city has much more to offer. You have over a million women you can talk to. Most of them have never dated a foreigner. But they are interested! Centuries of Western influence has seen to that. Plus a lot of them want to move to a rich country or just try one of the fabled big white snakes.

Sure there red light districts like P Burgos in Manila. But you don’t really need to go to them. They’re great for convenience. But they’re on the expensive side for Asia. It’s at the point where you can find cheaper hookers in Europe!

Average Pinay whore

The advantage of Manila is that is incredibly easy to meet as many regular women there as you want. If you want to date you can do it. If you want to find a good wife, you can. Or you could just pick up women for casual sex. It’s so easy to do that some people say Filipinas are the easiest women in the world.

There are lots of ways to meet women in Manila. The most obvious is just to talk to ladies you see out and about. You can do that on the street, in the malls, at night clubs, and even at your local coffee shop. Filipinas are very easy to talk to, even in Manila. Plus they all speak English. It doesn’t take much skill to pick them up, but if you have mastered day game you will be like a sexual superstar.

If you’re not into day game, don’t worry. You can actually meet the most women in Manila without ever leaving your room. All you have to do is get an account on the premium Filipina dating site Pina Love. That will give you access to hundreds of thousands of Filipina women dying to meet foreigners. Start chatting and set up dates. It works wonders!

Angeles City is better for prostitution

If Manila is the better city to meet “regular women” for dating or casual sex, then Angeles City certainly wins out in terms of pay-for-play. Angeles City is much better than Manila if your goal is to have sex with prostitutes. It’s basically the only reason any sane foreigners would go there!

There are about 1000 prostitutes working in Angeles City at any given time. While that is definitely a lot, there are actually more prostitutes in Manila by far. But Angeles City is still better if you’re a foreign guy in the Philippines who is looking to pay for sex. There are several reasons for that. Here’s a short list:

  1. Price
  2. Convenience
  3. Availability

If you’ve read our guide to the red light district in Angeles City, then you already know how this works. There is basically one long street with two names. It is filled with go go bars. Inside the go go bars there are dancers in bikinis. If you want to have sex with one, you just call them over and ask.

There are a handful of Filipina bar girls who won’t have sex with you for one reason or another. But the vast majority of them will be more than happy to spread their legs and make way for your penis to enter them. All you have to do is pay the bar fine!

The bar fine system in Angeles City is the easiest in the world. You pay it right to the bar upfront. And it is all inclusive. So you don’t have to negotiate with the women or worry about how much to pay them. You don’t have to tip either. You just pay between 1500 and 3500 Pesos, and you get between two and twelve hours of sex. At current exchange rates, that’s only between 30 and 67 American dollars. How cheap and easy is that?

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