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Baccara Bangkok


Baccara is a gogo bar located in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok.

Setting Baccara apart from lots of other competing Bars is that they have no social media presence.

No website neither. They also refrain from other “promotions” like “happy hour”.

One could argue that they simply don’t need any social media presence or promotions.

Their business is doing well as it is, without a need to advertise or promote.

Stunning Private Sex Tape With A Baccara Gogo Dancer

Baccara Gogo is very popular with Japanese clientele.

Many dancers will already leave the Bar only 1 or 2 hours after it opened, accompanying said clientele.

Baccara Bangkok was featured in a Music Video by Major Lazer

It was also featured in a TV Series from the USA.

Having said all of the above, Baccara is not without controversy at all.

If google reviews is anything to go by at all, Baccara deserves 3.5 Stars. That is much lower than one would expect from such a popular name. Plenty of Google reviewers left a negative review.

There’s no shortage of horror stories and some very serious accusations. Below are some unedited comments from Google reviews:

 think they drug the girls…

Arriving to our hotle, she couldnt stop puking, locked herself at the bathroom for a hour..

When she came out she was very rude, crude  and we finally done nothig so i took her back to the bar…. She ran away and the mamasan refused to tive back the bar fine money or even talk to me.

Its all a big scam.

Was with one of the girls in my hotel and she told me there’s ladyboys in there. I guess if you have a full operation you can be a gogo girl in there. Total misconception. Beware

Please be aware, lady there may play in a doggy way, been there quite often, and always spend above 10K baht, I realized lady put more than 1 docket in the bucket when you order only 1 lady drink. Don’t think this is the right way to do business, and please try crazy house, as they play more honestly than bacarra, you will be asked to sign for every single docket.

Went in with my boyfriend and friend curious to see what the red light district would be like. Most of the girls were just standing around not even dancing! I believe it was 220 baht for a cocktail. Not as entertaining as I’d anticipated.

Will never go back to that scam place again. Staff are nice at first getting my drink order and buying a couple shots for 2-3 girls, but then they will

trick you and behind your back start adding charges to your bill of drinks and shots you did not order. I had a bill of 10,000 bht = 300 USD half of which i did not ask the staff to order. GO GO’s bars are scams beware.

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