Angeles City vs Pattaya for horny guys


A lot of mongers and men in general go through the Angeles City vs Pattaya debate. They fight it out with other hobbyists online and in person. And they even go through a battle in their own mind when they try to decide which of these two famous sex cities to visit.

In this guide we are going to compare Angeles City and Pattaya from the perspective of horny guys looking for sex. We will put each town side-by-side and make a real comparison that men can appreciate and understand. We’ll talk about things to do, prostitutes, and prices. This will paint a clear picture in the debate of Angeles City vs Pattaya!

Angeles City vs Pattaya

Angeles City and Pattaya can both trace their heritage to the US military. American soldiers help establish Pattaya as a resort destination based on sex. In Angeles City, the Clark Air-force Base with all its soldiers helped establish the need for a permanent group of local hookers to stay around to service the guys in uniform. But the cities didn’t take the same path to development.

Pattaya is a beach side resort city. Angeles City is just a city. No one can really say why it is there. A lot of people just happen to live in the same spot now. There’s nothing special to draw anyone there other than the small airport and prostitutes. Unless of course you count the nearby volcano that erupts periodically and messes things up more than they already are.

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The population of Pattaya is actually a little smaller than Angeles City. You might not know that to look though. Angeles City is a pretty run down looking place with pot-holed streets. Pattaya has it’s third world features, but the place is clearly on the move. There are high-rise condo buildings going up all over the place. And a multi-million dollars mall was just built to go along with the other three in town.

Both Pattaya and AC have airports. Neither are very good or connected to many places. And they’re both pretty far from the actual cities they’re supposed to serve. So most guys going to Pattaya fly into Bangkok. And most guys going to Angeles City fly into Manila.

Pattaya is bigger and better

Pattaya is a bigger and better city in every sense. It’s also much safer with a lower crime rate and no parts of town that you need to avoid after dark. The Philippines has a rather level of robbery and violent crime. Thailand is no Shangri-La in that regard, but foreigners rarely have anything to worry about in Pattaya. Except for driving on the roads that is.

There are many things to do in Pattaya. So even if there were no bars in town, you can imagine that people would still travel there. In fact you don’t have to imagine. It’s the truth. Increasingly, families are going to Pattaya for tourism and not even visiting the bars at all. So we know this is the case. We don’t think anyone would want to go to Angeles City if not for the many women there.

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Further, there are many more women in Pattaya available for you to meet with and have sex. They also work in a bigger area, with more variety of places. They have blowjob bars, massage parlors, soapy massage, beer bars, go go bars, short time bars, fetish bars, gentlemen clubs, and more!

Food is better in Pattaya too. Thai food is world famous. Name a famous Filipino food. We’ll wait. Transportation is easier to find and costs less in Pattaya. There are more hotels, and they cost less. We just think the place really wins out in basically any category you could up with. The only exceptions would be English-speaking ability and the availability of bareback sex. Angeles City isn’t the worst place in the world. But we can’t figure out how anyone would think it is better than Pattaya.

Angeles City has very little to offer

Angeles City quite literally has very little to offer. That’s why foreign guys who go there rarely even leave the single street where they all congregate. Sure, the street has two different names. But it’s actually just one long strip. And outside of that strip you rarely see a white guy. Because there’s no reason for white guys to go anywhere but Fields Avenue and Perimeter. This red light district is the sole attraction of the entire city.

While Pattaya has all kinds of massage parlors from the regular to the huge soapy, you’re lucky if you can even find a happy ending massage in Angeles City. So there is clearly a much wider variety of services in Pattaya. In Angeles City it’s bar or freelancers, with nothing else between.

Some people online claim that Angeles City is cheaper than Pattaya. But we don’t think that’s right at all. First of all, hotels are clearly much more expensive in Angeles City. Just compare the prices of the Angeles City Beach Club to LK The Empress to see what we mean.

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What about the hookers? After all, that’s the only reason anyone sane goes to Angeles City anyway. Well, they’re not really that much cheaper than the prostitutes in Pattaya either. The freelancers in the street want 1000 Pesos for a blowjob and sex. You can get Beach Road prostitutes for 500 Baht. So it’s about the same.

You can get a short time with the less attractive prostitutes in the Perimeter Bars during the day for 1500 Pesos. But that’s no different than the 1000 Baht that Thai prostitutes charge on Soi 6 in Pattaya. Plus in Pattaya, it includes use of a room and a shower. And there are more women to chose from.

The only place you can save much is the go go bars. The bar fine includes the price of sex in Angeles City and it’s usually around 3000 Pesos. That’s about half of what you’d pay a go go dancer for short time from a Pattaya go go bars. The go go girls in Angeles City as a rule are much worse looking though. Yea, there are exceptions. But we don’t think Angeles City is a place to go only to save money. At the end of the trip, you’ll likely found that you spent the same amount of money.

The one benefit of Angeles City is that everyone speaks English. Well, at least in theory anyway. You might find when you get there that a lot of the bar girls come from far flung areas like Eastern Samar. They might not be the masters of the language you are expecting. In fact, their English might not be much better than the Tinglish bar girl talk in Thailand.

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