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In this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know about meeting Filipinas. It is totally understandable that you would want to pursue some Pinays. The Philippines is filled with beautiful petite women with great bodies who are fun, friendly and fantastic in bed. Hey, they don’t call them the little brown fucking machines for nothing! If you are a more serious minded guy looking for a long term relationship or even marriage, it is hard to beat women from the Philippines for long lasting love and affection.

No matter where you are in the world, there is a good chance there are some Filipinas near you. The country doesn’t exactly have the best economy, so tens of millions of Filipinos have gone abroad in search of greener pastures. So, in this guide we will tell you how to meet Filipinas both in their homeland and in the rest of the world.

Meeting women in the Philippines

Meeting women in the Philippines is as easy as getting cold at the north pole. Even if you are terrible at talking to women, you won’t have any problems in the Philippines. Filipinas are so friendly that you can basically stop and talk to anyone you see, as long as they’re not some stuck up rich chick.

There are over 30 million adult women across the Philippines. Since Filipinas often get active with guys when they’re 18 and don’t stop until they’re dead, you have a huge pool of women to choose from. Sure some are married or have boyfriends, but there are millions of singles in the Philippines too. You could never run out of ladies here even if you met a new one every day of the week for the rest of your life. Now you know why so many guys retire to the country. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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While you can basically talk to Pinays anywhere you find them, there are two types of places that are best for meeting women. The first is the mall. The second is the nightclub. Where you go just depends on the kind of guy you are and the type of woman you are looking for. You cater your behavior to the reward you want to reach.

In the malls you can find all sorts of women. Every city in the Philippines has malls, and they’re all full of women during the day and early evening. It’s not like the west where malls are dying. But you’re more likely to find the naughty variety of LBFM in the nightclubs. Just beware that a lot of freelancer hookers work in the clubs, so you could wake up with a bill you didn’t expect the next morning!

Online dating in the Philippines

Of course walking around trying to find cute girls to talk to in person can be a real task. Especially in the crazy heat and crowding of the Philippines. You might accidentally talk to some dude’s wife too. None of that really matters if you take advantage of modern technology. You can literally access hundreds of thousands of hot and horny Filipinas right from your own phone these days. Then you only meet them in person on your own terms!

Filipinas have adopted to the internet and especially smart phones very well. So most will have access to dating apps and sites. You can find plenty of Pinays on Tinder. Especially in Manila and the other major cities. But there are also a lot of prostitutes, scammers and ladyboys there. It is a free site anyone with a phone can join, after all.

The specialized dating sites set up for guys to meet Filipinas are much better. The best one is Pina Love. Women can still sign up free, but there is more work involved. And there are some restrictions. So you get a much better crop of people. You also have less competition on the dating sites. It is no secret that Filipinas Even though they are free to sign up for, they do charge a few bucks for premium accounts. If you are willing to spend a little money you can get out ahead of ninety percent of the competition. It is definitely worth the expense.

Finding Filipinas near you

The same stuff we said about finding Filipinas in the Philippine Isles will work in other places too. You just have to hunker down and really focus on Pinays. Unless you are in Victoria Park on a Sunday afternoon, you aren’t going to find thousands of Filipinas congregated in any one spot outside of the Philippines. But you can find individuals and small clusters of chicks if you know where to look.

Depending where you are, you might actually be able to find a good number of Filipinas right on a free swiping app like Tinder and its various clones. If you are in say Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai or maybe even New York there is a good chance you will see plenty of Pinay profiles. But if you are anywhere else you will want to focus on Filipina dating sites to find what you are after.

The great thing about Pina Love is that you can use the site to find Filipinas all around the world. There are an options right in the search menu to choose different countries to browse. So you can find Filipinas whether you are in Germany or Taiwan. A lot of Filipinas abroad use this sites. Either they signed up when they were still in the Philippines, or they were told about the sites by friends and family later.

Don’t forget about Filipino hang outs either. There are Filipino restaurants, bakeries and markets in a lot of major cities around the world. They might not have the best food as Filipino cuisine isn’t exactly lighting the world on fire, but they are good places to meet Pinays in person. You can either chat up the waitresses and cashiers or you can just hang around and watch all the pretty Filipinas coming and going until you see one you wan to talk to. Unless they’re totally westernized and foreign born, Filipinas are almost always nice and easy to talk to.

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