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Complete Guide to P Burgos go go bars in Manila


The P Burgos red light district is the main adult attraction for foreign men in Manila. EDSA Complex is not nearly as popular. These are really the only two places for foreign guys who like it straight forward. We have already written a guide to EDSA, so here is our complete guide to the go go bars on P Burgos Street.

In this guide, we are going to break down everything you need to know about the go go bars on P Burgos. First we’ll give the location. Then we’ll talk about the bars. After that, we’ll explain lady drinks and the price for sex. Finally, we will give you some cheaper alternatives since these go go bars can be very pricey.

P Burgos red light district location

P Burgos Street is in Makati. That is the richest part of Manila. Don’t expect the miracle mile though. Manila is a third world country with all that entails. But Makati is the nicest part. There are rich people even in poor countries. In Manila a lot of the rich stay in Makati.

P Burgos isn’t a long street. In connects from other streets. Most of the go go bars are on one end of the street. But you can find bars up and down the avenue. There are also hotels. The best girl friendly hotel on P Burgos Street in the Best Western Makati. That’s where you want to stay so you can be in the heat of the action.

Don’t confuse P Burgos Street in Makati with Burgos Street in Pasay. They are very different. P Burgos Street is a tourist friendly street. Burgos Street in Pasay is a sort of slum with shacks all around. You’ll be safe in one. In the other you’re on your own.

The Go Go bars on P Burgos

There are many go go bars on P Burgos. You might be able to visit them all in one night, but it is unlikely. There are probably a thousand girls total on P Burgos. Some people try to claim that P Burgos is dead, but the red light district is still going strong.

The long list of go go bars on P Burgos Street includes:

  • Bottoms
  • Plan B
  • Kojax
  • Ringside
  • Tickles
  • Rouges
  • Mixed Nuts

Most of the bars are pretty similar. Only a few really standout for various reasons.

Mixed Nuts is a ladyboy bar. It’s the only ladyboy bar in Manila. So if you’re into chicks with dicks, you might want to check it out. Otherwise, steer clear!

Plan B and Kojax are famous for having the hottest women on P Burgos. There are some very good looking women in both bar, but they can have attitudes. Beware of the old “Guest Relations Officers” too. These old birds might badger you for drinks.

Bottoms is the only bar with topless dancers. Okay, the woman actually wear suspenders and pretend that is their top. But their boobs are hanging out the whole time. So, if you bring one over to sit down with you there’s a good chance you can get a feel on the goods.

Tickles also has a very strong lineup of hot women. At Tickles most of the girls are going to be nineteen or twenty. There aren’t many with baby damage either. Plus, there’s even a short time hotel right next to the bar where you can have sex.

Ringside actually has boxing matches between midgets and bar girls. Other than that, they have some average to unattractive women working. Southeast Asian pricing logic is at play. The bar charges more than other bars that get more customers.

Like we said, P Burgos Street isn’t that long. So you can easily walk up and down the street and check out the different bars. If you see something you like sit down and have a drink. If not, just move on to the next bar.

Go go girls on P Burgos Street

You can find a variety of women on P Burgos Street. But that only goes so far. Like we said in our guide to the EDSA red light district in Manila, the variation is limited. There are different looks in the Philippines, but nearly all Pinays have brown hair and brown skin. If you have seen Trike Patrol, you will have a good idea of what to expect.

The truth is that most dancers on P Burgos are going to be middle aged women with kids. You’ll see a lot of chubby chicks. You might even see some fat ones or real old hags. That’s just the way it is. Working in a red light district isn’t exactly glamorous.

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But there are standouts. Like we said, Plan B and Kojax are both famous for hiring very hot women. Bottoms usually has women with nice breasts since they have to dance topless. Finally, Tickles hires women from nineteen and up. Most of the women are between nineteen and maybe twenty two. There aren’t any fatties there either.

You can sometimes find good looking chicks at other bars too. Rouges is the cheapest bar on P Burgos, but there are often attractive ladies inside. Just look around. It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get next.

Lady drinks at P Burgos go go bars

Some go go bar dancers will chat with you in every bar. But if you really want to sit down and talk with a dancer you need to buy her a lady drink. This is an overpriced drink sold in every girly bar. The girl gets a cut of the costs for the drink.

Lady drink prices on P Burgos are usually between 200 and 350 Pesos. That’s between three and eight dollars in American money. It’s not cheap, but it’s less than you pay for a bottle of beer in many big cities around the world.

Having a dancer join you for a lady drink is the best way to feel her out. In some bars like Bottoms you can probably feel her up too. So the lady drink price doesn’t seem so bad. It’s way cheaper than a lap dance in America. There you can’t even touch the dancer!

Price of sex at P Burgos go go bars

Sex is the main reason guys go to go go bars. Obviously, it isn’t free. In Angeles City you pay a bar fine that includes everything. Not so in Manila. At P Burgos you have to pay a bar fine of 2,000 to 5,000 Pesos. Then, on top of that, you have to pay money to the woman for sex. If you want to go short time, which usually means having sex once, you pay 2,000 to 4,000 Pesos. If you want an overnight and the girl agrees, you are going to pay 3,000 to 7,000 Pesos.

After you calculate lady drink and bar fine prices, you are talking about $100 – $300 in American money for sex. The P Burgos bars are definitely not cheap places to play at all! When you do pay, you will probably get decent sex though. Normally, you get a nice blowjob too.

If this all sounds too expensive, we understand. You do have some alternatives. You can really cut costs if you go with one of the many streetwalkers on P Burgos who hang out between the bars. Or you can forgo money all together and just pull some freebie hookups from Pina Love. It’s not difficult at all. Often you’ll get sex from a girl just by buying her a plate of spaghetti. After all, Manila is maybe the easiest place to have sex in the Philippines. And the Philippines is already one of the easiest places to get sex in the world.

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