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All about street prostitutes on P Burgos in Manila


P Burgos Street is one of the main red light districts in Manila. It is probably the most visited place by horny foreign guys. That’s because of the many go go bars there. But the go go bars are expensive. Cheaper options can be found with the street prostitutes on P Burgos.

In this guide, we are going to tell you all about street prostitutes on P Burgos street in Manila. We will tell you how to find them, what they do, and how much they charge. We will compare them with the go go bar girls on the same street. Finally, we will give you some safety tips for dealing with streetwalkers on P Burgos.

P Burgos Street in Makati

P Burgos Street is a short street in Manila. It is in the Makati part of the city. It is famous as a red light district. The street has a bunch of go go bars inside. The women in the bars dance and do sex with customers for money.

Outside of the go go bars there are usually a lot of women on the street at night. They are out to make money too. A lot of them are streetwalkers who sell sex to customers just like the go go bar girls. They charge a lot less money though.

Massage girls or prostitutes?

If you walk around P Burgos Street looking for obvious hookers, you might be surprised. Besides the go go girls, there aren’t so many sexy dressed women. But there are up to a hundred massage girls. Some of them wear uniforms. Others wear street clothes. Some also have official looking ID cards on lanyards.

The truth is that most of the massage girls do sex for money. The ones in street clothes are almost always hookers. The ones in uniform can be hit or miss. They will normally tell you if they are legitimate masseuses. But even a lot of those are doing extras. Basic massage doesn’t pay much, and a red light district is a strange place to promote that anyway.

In the Philippines you can be pretty up front. If you aren’t sure if a woman does more than massage, just ask her. It is that simple. They are not going to say they do sex then just give you a back rub. That would be ridiculous.

Price of sex on P Burgos Street

If you wander into one of the many go go bars on P Burgos Street you are going to find that sex is pretty expensive. You will definitely pay more than a hundred dollars for sex. You might even pay two hundreds. Some guys go through more than that without even having sex!

The streetwalkers outside don’t charge nearly as much. That is one of their biggest draws. Normally if you talk to the girls they will offer massage in your room for 500 Pesos. Once you are in your room, you can talk about the rest. Or you can just negotiate it right in the street like many guys. There are no set prices but there is a kind of established market. Usually you will pay a total of 1000 Pesos for sex. That’s 500 massage and 500 Pesos. But you can pay more or less. Many times you can get it all for 500 Pesos. Other times a girl won’t budge from 1500 or even 2000. So, you’ll pay between $10 and $40 for sex.

You might pity the streetwalkers on P Burgos thinking they are getting a raw deal. The truth is that they can make almost as much as bar girls. That’s because the bars take most of the money. They keep the big barfines and most of the lady drink money. Sometimes they even have mamasans who take a cut of the girls tip money for sex. So a woman working on her own can end up with 1000 Pesos or so for sex. A girl in a bar might end up with 1500 herself. Not much of a difference!

Safety measures

You should always take basic safety precautions when bringing any stranger to your room. If you stay at a guest friendly hotel on P Burgos like the Best Western Makati you will have a safe. Just lock all your valuables and any money in that.

Your “masseuse” will have to leave her identification card at the front desk when she enters your hotel. So it’s not like she can run off with your stuff. The hotel will call to make sure it is okay that your guest is leaving before they give back the card.

The next precaution you should take is doing safe sex. This should be obvious but too many guys forget about condoms. Philippines are usually up for bareback sex. So if you don’t have condoms in your room, you might get tempted to just stick it in. We suggest you bring your own ultra thin Okamoto condoms so you won’t get stuck in that situation.

Finally, beware of ladyboys. If you are into ladyboys, you’ll have no trouble finding some among the streetwalkers on P Burgos. But if you are not into ladyboys, watch out. They won’t grab you or bother you like the aggressive she-men in Pattaya, but be aware. They are there. They are also easy to spot. So if you don’t want a chick with a dick, just choose a real woman.

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