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Guide to Happy Ending Massage in Angeles City


A lot of people visit Angeles City. If we are being honest, we have to say that for many the women are the main attraction. Angeles City is not the kind of place most people go for a family vacation. Obviously, if you curious about the area you want to know about happy ending massage in Angeles City.

In this guide to happy ending massage in Angeles City, we are going to fill you in on everything you need to know. You’ll find out about massage parlors, agencies and freelancers. We’ll tell you where you can get a happy ending massage and where you cannot. We’ll tell you how much a happy ending in Angeles City costs. Finally, we’ll give you some tips to help keep you safe.

Happy ending massage in Angeles City

Happy ending massage in Angeles City isn’t as common as you might think. The place is known as a sex tourism destination. There are certainly a lot of tourists have sex there. They are having full sex though, and usually not with masseuses. Instead they are having sex with all the other available women in Angeles City.

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The price of a happy ending massage is between 400 and 1000 Pesos. That’s pretty cheap, but it only applies if you can actually find a happy ending massage. As we will explain below, it is not as easy as you would think. No wonder so many guys just go a go go bar or jump on Pina Love and find a girlfriend instead.

Fields Avenues massage parlors

The Philippines is often compared to Thailand. Angeles City especially is often compared to Pattaya. Really, they are very different places. That’s true with massage especially. Pattaya has hundreds of massage parlors, and most offer happy endings. There are only a few massage parlors in Angeles City. For the most part they are totally legitimate and do not offer sexual service.

There are some massage parlors on Fields Avenue. The women in them wear white nurse scrubs. They do mediocre massages. They do not do happy endings. Even if you ask for a happy ending, you will simply be refused.

Sometimes guys hit it off with a masseuse in these massage parlors. In that case they exchange contact information. The masseuse agrees to come to their room later and they have sex. This is really no different from picking up a waitress or semi-pro at the mall though. So it’s not necessarily related to “happy ending massage.”

Teodoro Street massage parlors

The one place you do have a good shot at getting a happy ending massage in Angeles City is Teodoro Street. It is not the kind of place you would accidentally wander into. But if you did, you would find a whole bunch of massage parlors with women sitting outside.

Most of the woman here are in their thirties and forties, but some look alright. There are even some ladyboys working at these massage parlors. So be sure you’re getting a rub from a real woman if you’re not into shemales.

The price for a massage on Teodoro Street is usually 300 Pesos. The women want 500 Pesos more for a handjob or blowjob. That is 800 Pesos total, or about $15 US Dollars at the current exchange rates. Not bad, even for a happy ending massage from a middle-aged woman (or a chick with a dick).

WeChat massage in Angeles City

WeChat is a smartphone app that a lot of people use in Asia. In Angeles City, you can actually use it to find happy ending massage. You don’t even need to leave your hotel. You can just contact a massage parlor and have them send a girl right to your hotel room!

If you have read our guide to finding prostitutes on WeChat in Saigon, then you know about WeChat as a tool for finding women nearby. You just open the app and search for nearby people. In Angeles City, you will often find profiles offering massage.

Some of these places are massage parlors or agencies. A few might just be freelancers. Make sure of who you are talking to when you make arrangements. The massage parlors usually won’t offer more than a full body rub with ball massage for 500 Pesos. In the room, actual masseuses may offer full sex. Then again, they might not.

The freelance massage providers are more likely to do full sex. They would probably want 1000 to 1500 Pesos for that. There might be some legitimate masseuses who use WeChat too though. You shouldn’t assume every woman who does massage offers sex, especially in Angeles City.

Freelance massage girls in Angeles City

Finally, there are freelance massage girls in Angeles City. A few of them might advertise on Craigslist or even Tinder. For the most part though, they just stand on Fields Avenue and call out to you. So basically, they are street prostitutes who just pose as masseuses.

If you have read our guide to street prostitutes on P Burgos in Manila, then you will already know how this goes. There is one difference though. On P Burgos Street in the capital, there are usually a few real masseuses around. In Angeles City, pretty much any girl who stands in the street offering “massage” is really just a prostitute.

You can find these freelance massage girls down around the Fields Avenue Gate and Margarita Station. They make themselves pretty obvious by standing there are yelling out. Taking them to a guest friendly hotel like the nearby Angeles Beach Club only requires talking to them. They usually accept 1000 Pesos for sex.

Safety tips

Be warned that there are always some ladyboys mixed in with the massage ladies on Fields Avenue. If you’re not into ladyboys, make sure you are talking to a real woman. It should be pretty easy to tell the difference.

Of course since prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, we aren’t going to tell you to pick up a prostitute. Lots of people do it, but ultimately that’s there own call. We haven’t heard of anyone actually getting in trouble for sexing a prostitute in Angeles City, but you never know. One thing we do know is that you should never even associate with a girl who isn’t an adult. Everyone should have identification that shows they are 18 years or older. If they don’t have such ID, then you absolutely shouldn’t bother with them.

Also make sure to use a condom if you have sex with a street girl. Few of the girls carry any protection of their own. Most of them are totally willing to do customers bareback too. Since they have multiple partners the risk can be higher than average. Bar girls are at least supposed to be tested on a consistent basis. Street girls are not, unless they decide to get tested themselves. That’s unlikely. Better to be prepared now than sorry later!

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