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Guide to nude go go bars in Pattaya


Anyone who knows about Pattaya is familiar with the reputation of the place. It was basically formed by horny American soldiers looking for prostitutes to have sex with. From that it has grown into an international resort that draws in guys from around the world looking for prostitutes to have sex with.

On top of them, there is now a large contingent of “regular tourists” from places like Russia and China who come to Pattaya for some other reasons. Some might say it is the sand and sun. But we have seen Pattaya Beach and felt the burning solar heat there in the daylight hours, so we are rather skeptical. For us, Thailand’s Sin City is still all about sex!

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about finding nude go go bars in Pattaya. We will tell you the local attitude to nudity in public. Then we will list the Pattaya go go bars where you can see naked dancers. After that, we’ll compare the two main go go bar areas in Pattaya. Finally, we’ll tell you about bars where you can touch and even lick the dancers for less than a dollar!

Nude go go bars in Pattaya

Go go bars are like the heart and soul of the sex industry in Pattaya. They are basically like strip clubs, except you can have sex with the strippers. At the same time, a lot of these “strippers” don’t even strip at all. It’s actually against the rules for women to take off their clothes in bars. Thankfully, the rules are really flexible in Thailand.

Pattaya go go prostitute

Pattaya is known as a wild sex-tourism destination. But the reality of the situation is that there are actually more prostitutes and more nude go go bars in Bangkok! You might be surprised about this, but think it through. Bangkok is the capital of the country. And it’s a much larger city than Pattaya. Just like New York is the Sodom of America, Bangkok is the Gomorrah of Thailand. Pattaya is just Sin City. So it’s like Thailand’s little Las Vegas.

Believe it or not, there are only a handful of go go bars in Pattaya where you can see partially or fully naked women. The short list includes:

  • Babydolls (Walking Street)
  • Windmill (Walking Street)
  • Fahrenheit (Walking Street)
  • Heaven Above (Walking Street)
  • Club Electric Blue (Walking Street)
  • Sugar Baby (Walking Street)
  • Silver Star (Soi 7)
  • Crystal (LK Metro)
  • Destiny (LK Metro)
  • Kink (LK Metro)

You can live out most adult sexual fantasies in Pattaya. Just don’t think that the place is a big nudist resort or anything. Behind closed doors, anything goes between consenting adults when the right amount of money is paid. But out in public, the Thai people want to save face.

That means you can watch all the Thai creampie porn you want in your own room. You can even do it with a fully nude dancer from Babydolls bouncing up and down on your dick bareback. But don’t you dare bring her to go topless on Pattaya Beach, unless you want to get locked up by the local boys in brown.

Walking Street vs LK Metro

While you can find go go bars like Silver Star scattered around Pattaya, there are really two main go go bar districts. One is the world-famous Walking Street. The other is the newer LK Metro. Both places are within walking distance of each other. So don’t worry about planning a trip around one or the other.

Walking Street is infamous for all its bars. It was once a world headquarters of Asian hookers. Now it’s more of a tourist attraction. The bars are still there. They just don’t seem to be as lively as they used to. Of course if you’ve never been in a go go bar before, you’ll still find them amazing!

Things still get wild in some of the go go bars if you are willing to wander a few steps off of Walking Street. Get on the side alleys. They are a lot quieter and free of tourists. But when you step into the go go bars there, things can be really crazy. At Windmill, Baby Dolls and Heaven Above there are tons of fully nude dancers who will let you touch them pretty much anywhere. If you tip they might even let you go further than that!

LK Metro sprang up a couple of years ago. It’s right around the guest friendly LK Metropole Hotel. LK Metro isn’t as big as Walking Street. It doesn’t have as many go go bars either. So it only follows that there wouldn’t be as many nude go go bars on LK Metro.

You can always stop into LK Metro go go bars like Destiny and Crystal if you want to see some boobs. Not all of the dancers have their tits out of course. But there is enough chest meat on display to keep most guys happy. Especially considering the women are all hookers that you can take back to your room for a blowjob and sex.

If you want to get up close and personal with teen Thai tits and ass right in the bar though, you better head to Kink. When you walk in, it looks like a boring go go bar with bikini dancers. But head upstairs and you’ll see a whole different scene. They have a big bed up there where fully nude lesbians lick each other out. You can lick them out too for a seventy five cent tip. Or you can sit back in the private booths and get really hands on with them. It only costs a five dollar lady drink.

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