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Guide to the red light district in Angeles City


Angeles City was once home to a large US military base. There was also a large volcano eruption there years ago. Those are the two main things the city is known for. The other is that the place has lots of prostitutes. There is a lot of information about AC online, but much of it is scattered or out dated. That’s why we are proud to present this guide to the red light district in Angeles City.

First we are going to tell you where the Angeles City red light district is located. Then we will tell you about the women who work there. We’ll break down a list of the different types of prostitutes in Angeles City. Finally, we’ll tell you how much each prostitute in Angeles City charges for sex. Depending on where you go, it can be a whole lot or indeed very little.

Where is the red light district in Angeles City?

The red light districts in Angeles City basically stretches down one long street. As you will see, the street has a few different names. But it’s one long avenue. You don’t have to turn left or right to get from one part to another. You just go straight up and down the road. So for all intents and purposes, there is one long red light district.

The Angeles red light district starts at the end of Fields Avenue and stretch far along Perimeter Road. In between those two ends, there are lots of go go bars where you can meet women. They will be dressed in bikinis or dresses. There used to be topless and nude dancers, but that no longer exists. Micro-bikinis were common for a time too. That’s not around anymore either. A regular old bikini is now about as sexy as it gets.

The red light district in Angeles City is smaller than it used to be. In the past there was a lot of action on side streets. One strip was even called “blow row” because there were a lot of blowjob bars there where you get sucked off for very little money. Another side street had lots of cheap brothels where you could have sex with the women inside. That was also cheap. But it isn’t around anymore.

Fields Avenue Walking Street

Fields Avenue “Walking Street” is a short piece of road that is theoretically closed to vehicles at night. Chances are, any foreigner who visits Angeles City will spend all of their time here. There really is nothing else in the city of interest. The lone exception may be the SM Mall, which is across the street from Fields.

Walking Street totally caters to foreigner visitors. But it is definitely no luxury location. It is ultimately a red light district. So the main draw are the many go go bars on the street. Kokomos Hotel is also located on Walking Street, along with a few restaurants. Other than that, there isn’t much going on.

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Walking Street in Angeles City certainly cannot compare with walking street in Pattaya in terms of size or number of things to do. Some may not like that. But others will. Since there is really nothing there other than bars, you don’t see “regular people” or family tourists there. You only see horny guys that want to have sex with Filipina bar girls.

There are more than twenty bars on Walking Street. Some of them cater to Korean guys. But in most of them they don’t care who you are. They just want your money. It’s like anywhere else with a go go bar. You buy a lady drink for any dancer you like then she comes over to sit with you. If you like her, you can ask her to leave the bar with you. If she agrees, you pay and go to a nearby hotel like the amazing Angeles City Beach Club.

The main difference between the go go bars here and in other cities is that you pay up front. Your bar fine or “early work release” includes money for the girl. So you don’t have to give the lady any more money after you leave or negotiate over rates.

Perimeter Street Bars

Perimeter Street is the only other real red light district area that foreigners will visit in Angeles City. Some people get confused about the location of this street. That is understandable. It’s a strange arrangement. Perimeter is the same road as Fields Avenue. It’s just further up. If you start on Fields Avenue walking street at the McDonald’s and just walk straight, you will soon be on Perimeter Street.

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The part of Perimeter Street that will matter for most guys starts at the famous Lewis Grande Hotel. That big building is easy to find. Locals call it “the White House.” Thousands of bar girls have been inside its hallowed walls getting busy with paying customers. It has a great location in the middle of both parts of the local red light district.

The go go bars on Perimeter Street are sort-of run down in comparison to the Fields Avenue bars. They don’t look nice from the outside at all. Inside, things aren’t so bad. The women usually aren’t as good looking as the babes down on Walking Street. But they might be more adventurous. Sometimes you even see them pulling their tits out or giving a guy a sample blowjob in the corner.

Probably the best thing about the Perimeter bars is that they open during the day. So you have something to do when you’re waiting for Walking Street to come alive. They are also a lot cheaper than the Walking Street bars.

Freelance prostitutes in Angeles City

Outside of the bars you can also find a lot of freelancers in Angeles City. These are women who don’t want to work in the bar for whatever reason. Some of them are ladyboys. Others are part timers. You never know what you’re going to get with a freelancer.

Still freelancers are popular with a lot of guys. Some guys call them up during the day when they are bored too. It’s easy to find them on dating sites like Pina Love. But that’s not all. There are three main places you can find freelance prostitutes in Angeles City. In no particular order, they are:

  • On Fields Avenue (Street walkers)
  • In the club (High Society)
  • Online (Tinder / dating sites)

Generally, you can expect to pay a lot less to a freelancer. They don’t have to share any money with the bars, so they might end up getting more money for themselves anyway. Some enterprising locals with connections to bars have sex with foreigners on the side to make extra money.

Price of sex at Angeles City red light district

Obviously the price of sex is going to vary from one place to the next. You won’t pay a freelancer you pick up on the street at midnight the same amount you will give to a show girl at a top go go bar. That’s just the way it is.

We can break down the going rates for sex in Angeles City, but we can’t promise that these will always be right on and exact. It depends on the situation. Sometimes freelancers will want a ton of money for some reason. Other times, a girl from a popular go go bar will agree to meet you after work for cheap. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay as follows:

  • Street walkers 500-1000 Pesos
  • Club freelancers 1000-2000 Pesos
  • Perimeter go go dancers 2000-2600 Pesos
  • Walking Street go go dancers 2500-4000 Pesos

While people don’t come right out and say it, the bar fine was always understood to pay for a full night of company. More recently, some of the women have started to do “runners.” This means they leave after you have sex one time. Or they leave very early in the morning. If you don’t talk about your expectations before you take a woman from a bar, there is a chance this will happen. It is now pretty common in Angeles.

Other than that you can expect to get sex at the very least. Most girls will do a blowjob too. But some wont, claiming they don’t know how or can’t. There are also so-called cherry girls in the bars. They wear special badges and supposedly they’re virgins. That’s hard to believe since they’re all nineteen or older and dancing half naked in a bar. Usually they only do blowjobs. But sometimes they have sex with guys who offer them several times the normal rate.

With freelancers, you only get what you negotiate for. A lot of guys just call them up for a quick round of sex. But some guys do want have them stay overnight and do it multiple times. Since it’s all unorganized you have to be upfront about what you want and expect. That’s how consenting adults make business agreements.

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