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Finding prostitutes on WeChat in Ho Chi Minh City


Some guys dislike Ho Chi Minh City because they think it doesn’t have as much action as a city like Bangkok. The truth is that finding prostitutes on WeChat in Ho Chi Minh City is incredibly easy! No matter where you are in Saigon there are likely dozens of hookers hovering around nearby. You can easily contact them with your smartphone and have them come right to your room for sex!

In this guide we are going to tell you all about finding prostitutes on WeChat in Ho Chi Minh City. We’ll explain exactly how to use WeChat to find prostitutes. We’ll also tell you what the women are like, how much they charge, and how to stay safe around them.

Prostitutes on WeChat in Ho Chi Minh City

Even though prostitution is technically illegal in Vietnam, it is very common. It is also very widespread. What else can you say about a place where you can get a blowjob at the barbershop? A lot of guys online complain that they can’t find full sex. We’re here to tell you that it is also common. You just need to know where to look. WeChat is one of those places.

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WeChat is a popular chat app widely used in Asia. All you have to do is install it on your phone and you can use it. Just get it from the App Store or Google Play and set up an account. You can even do it with the Sim card we recommended you pick up at the Saigon airport so nothing will be connected to you back home.

Once you have the app installed, just click “Discover.” Then click “People Nearby.” You will see all the people near you. You then click the “” in the top right corner and select “Females only.” Now you will see all the women around you with their location set to on.

Browse these profiles and you’ll see plenty of sexy pictures. Some will even have messages like “Massage boom boom” or “Need $$$.” These are obvious prostitutes. All you have to do is click their profiles and send them messages. They’ll quickly offer massage in your room.

Usually they’ll send pictures. They will either be pictures of themselves or pictures of available women from a group. They’re mostly pretty women. A lot of them have fake boobs. Be warned that they almost always lighten their skin color in the pictures. So the real girls will resemble the pictures but they’re often darker and not quite so perfect looking.

If they look totally different in a way that is utterly bad, you can send them away. Be up front when you chat. You can say “if she isn’t the woman from the picture I don’t open the door.” At most they might ask for 20,000 Dong for a taxi or something. Otherwise they can’t really argue.

Price of sex with WeChat prostitutes

We can’t tell for sure, but it seems like a lot of the profiles on WeChat are really run by managers. This could be Vietnamese guys or women. We don’t know. Some women run their own profiles, but some clearly don’t. There’s really no way to tell. Whoever runs the account is who you have to negotiate with though.

Most of them are going to start out asking for $50 for sex. We don’t know why they use American dollars to calculate, but they do. Maybe they think all foreigners are from America or use American money. Or maybe they just don’t want to type out huge sums in Vietnamese Dong.

Vietnamese Dong

Whatever the case may be, you should insist on Vietnamese currency. If you tell them you only have Vietnamese Dong, you can actually save a lot of money. That’s because they usually calculate in their heads on an easy-to-figure 20,000 Dong to 1 US Dollar rate. In fact, the real rate now is over 23,000 Dong to 1 US Dollar. So they will quote you 1,000,000 Dong thinking it is $50. But it is actually about $42. You save $8 dollars. Since 1 million Dong is a common price for prostitutes in Saigon, no one will feel ripped off.

Once you agree on a price you give your hotel and room number. If you stayed in a guest friendly hotel like Caravelle Saigon the woman will have no trouble getting to your door. If you stay in another hotel though, the woman won’t be allowed in. Usually they even know which hotels are guest friendly. So if you stay in a hotel that isn’t girl friendly, they’ll tell you they can’t go there and recommend some short time play you can rent by the hour.

Note that all of these women will want money up front. So when you answer the door you should be ready to pay them. Normally you pay a woman after sex, but these hookers are scared of being ripped off. You can agree to put the money out somewhere where you can both see it as a compromise. Don’t have any other money available though. That way they can’t hassle you for tips or steal anything.


Obviously you want to take precautions when dealing with random hookers you find nearby. A common sense travel tip is to keep all your valuables locked in your room safe. That is always true. But it’s especially true when you are inviting a strange woman into your room for paid sex. You don’t know who she is. She could easily abscond with some of your goodies including an expensive phone or a wad of cash.

Sexually transmitted infections are something else to worry about. Most women in the world don’t have any infections. But a lot of them do. The kind of hookers that go to any strange guy who contacts them online probably aren’t the most up on their health. Be safe. Bring your own condoms with you wherever you go. Carry some that are comfortable and ultra-thin like the Okamoto 004 too so you won’t be tempted to go bareback!

Finally, remember that prostitution is illegal in Vietnam as we wrote above. You already know that we don’t promote any illegal activity. We told you so in our about page. But we can document what goes on around us. This is the reality of life. What you choose to do with your life is up to you. Meanwhile, we’ll keep making the most of ours!

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