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European FKK sex sauna guide


European FKK are sex saunas where prostitutes can meet customers in a safe and comfortable environment. They have swimming pools, open bars, and all-you-can buffets. They’re cool places to hang around with hundreds of naked European babes who you can take to bed for around fifty bucks. And it’s all above board!

Prostitution is legal in a lot of European countries. In Europe it is common knowledge. In the rest of the world, a lot of guys don’t know. Sure, everyone has heard of the famous red light districts in Amsterdam. But there are still billions who haven’t heard of FKK sex saunas!

In this guy’s guide to FKK clubs, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about European sex saunas. We will tell you what FKK clubs are. Then we will tell you how FKK sex clubs work. Finally, we will tell where you can find FKK clubs in Europe. We’re leaving no stone unturned here.

What is an European FKK sex sauna?

A European FKK sex sauna is a club where prostitutes and customers can mingle together. The club doesn’t employ any of the women. They come on their own accord. The women pay for entry just like the guys. The biggest difference is that they are there to make money. While the guys on the other hand are there to have sex.

Some of the women go as far as renting rooms in the saunas. The guys can’t do that. But the guys can have full run of the place for 12 to 24 hours. That includes you too, assuming you’re into it. If you go to an FKK sauna, all you have to do is pay the admission price. It’s usually 50 Euros, but a few places charge a little more than that.

For your admission, you can use the full facilities. Every place is different. But most FKK saunas will have a big bar, a buffet area, a swimming pool, a porn cinema, a hot tub, a sauna, and a lot of lounge space where you can hang around with all the naked European women. Of course you can have sex with them too. All you have to do is strike up a deal.

How FKK sex saunas work

Every sauna has plenty of hot European women around. Most of them are from Romania or Moldova. Others are from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Jamaica, Nigeria, and sometimes even Thailand. Once in a while you’ll see a Germanic broad sexing in a FKK, but don’t expect it. It’s pretty rare nowadays.

While the prostitutes are technically freelance, they do have to follow club rules. That means they have to be good looking. You don’t find any real fatties in these places. They can’t cheat or steal either. They should be clean too. New German law says they have to use condoms for everything in that country, even blowjobs. The truth is, most of them still suck cock bareback though.

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The prices are pretty much set by the club too, even if they don’t come right out and say that. Sure the women are always free to ask more. But it usually doesn’t happen unless you run into one of the rare sex clubs with scammers inside. Otherwise, you can expect to pay anywhere from 50 Euros to 90 Euros for a blowjob and sex in multiple positions. It just depends on what club you go to.

We do want to note that your mileage may vary in these places. So you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate up front and spell out exactly what it is you are after. Typically, you are going to get head and a good amount of sex until you spill your seed. But if you want anal you will have to say it up front and pay a little more. Kissing and facials are done by most girls, but again a lot of them will want extra payment for this. It all depends though. Some women will take you around the world and back for just 50 Euros if they are into you.

Where to find FKK sex clubs

You can find FKK sex saunas in many European countries. Don’t expect to find them in Eastern European countries like Romania where most of the prostitutes come from though! You won’t find them in European countries where prostitution is illegal either.

If you have looked over this website in detail, you will have already found many reviews of FKK sex clubs in Europe. Here’s a list of FKK sex saunas that we have reviewed:

This list is not even close to being exhaustive. There are lots and lots of these kinds of clubs around. The more research you do, the more of the clubs you find. It used to be that some tried to stay a little hidden. Some even rejected foreigners. That all changed over the last few years though. Now they usually have a multi-lingual lady at the front to guide newcomers and foreigners through the facilities.

You can find FKK sex clubs in nearly all the German-speaking countries of Europe. So that means: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Tiny Liechtenstein is the one German country with not FKK clubs. You can also find them in the Czech Republic, but they’re more limited there.

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