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Our review of Artemis brothel in Berlin


Berlin is the biggest city in Germany. Prostitution is legal in Germany. You can find it all over the city. Guys coming from other places may be caught unaware. Artemis is a very large and popular sex club in Berlin. It’s advertised on taxis and signs. We’re publishing this review of Artemis brothel in Berlin so you will be informed. There’s no need to be intimidated by the place.

In our review of the Artemis bordello, we are going to tell you everything you need to know. This guide has you covered. From getting to Artemis to having sex with the prostitutes inside, we will fill you in. If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments.

Artemis brothel

Artemis brothel is one of the biggest sexy clubs in the world. It is the biggest FKK club in Berlin. It’s really the only choice if you want an FKK club there. FKK clubs are German sex saunas. Both women and men pay to enter. Inside they exchange money for sex.

Every taxi knows Artemis brothel. It’s located at Halenseestra├če 32-36. You can get there from central Berlin for 20 Euro. If money is an issue, you could also take a train or even walk. However you get there, you are probably going to have a lot of fun.

Artemis is open every day from 11:00 am to 5:00 am the next morning. You pay an entry fee of 80 Euro. That gives you full access to the club and unlimited food and soft drinks. You can also use any towels, robes and slippers for free. You will have to pay for any alcohol and sex inside.

When you pay, they put a key around your wrist. You use that on a money locker and a bigger locker. You put your clothes in the big locker and take a shower. Then you put on a robe and slippers and lock your money in the small locker. You don’t carry any money with you. When you want to pay a hooker after sex, you just walk with her to the small locker.

Artemis is very large. There is a main lounge area. It has a big bar, lots of couches, some beds, and some stripper poles. Downstairs is another lounge only for men. Outside there is a garden and swimming pool. Another room has a buffet full of delicious food. The theater plays porn on a movie screen. There are also countless private rooms.

Prostitutes at Artemis

There are lots of prostitutes at Artemis. We don’t know the exact number. It changes every day. You can expect to see around a hundred women inside of Artemis when you arrive. They are all in their twenties or thirties. Most are pretty good looking and sexy.

European group sex

German women are rare at Artemis. Women from other parts of Europe are more common. There are many Romanians and Moldovans. There are also Hungarians and Polish prostitutes. Sometimes you see women from other parts of the world like Turkey and the the Dominican Republic. For sometime there was even a popular Thai girl.

If you go to Artemis on a Wednesday, all the women will be in lingerie. If you go any other day of the week, they’ll all be butt naked. They do carry towels to sit on. Otherwise you can see them in all their glory. So you get a chance to check out those tits and asses before you agree to spend any money. That’s even better than a strip club!

Price of sex at Artemis

Even though the prostitutes at Artemis are technically independent, there is a standard price at Artemis. You don’t need to negotiate. Everyone knows the price. You pay 60 Euros for a blowjob and sex. It should last 30 minutes. You can do it in a private room with no additional cost. Or you can do it in front of everyone if that’s what you’re into. Some guys like to have sex in the porn theater. It adds to their fun.

It used to be you got the blowjob without a condom. But Germany passed a new law. Prostitution is still legal, but now condoms are required for everything. If you get a blowjob in public they are definitely going to put a condom on you. We have heard rumors that some of the hardcore hookers will still blow you without a rubber in private though.

We don’t recommend going without a condom. It’s unsafe and it could get in trouble with Artemis. But if some guys are discreetly getting sucked off bareback, we aren’t going to complain. The whole point of legalized prostitution is that consenting adults are free to make their own choices.

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