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Our review of Oase FKK sex club in Frankfurt


Prostitution is legal in Germany and guys from around the world go there to enjoy it. One of the easiest places to buy sex in Germany is the FKK clubs. Oase is a popular FKK club in Frankfurt. To help you learn more, we’re going to give you a full overview of Oase FKK here.

In this review of FKK Oase, we will tell you everything you need to know about this sex club in Frankfurt. We will tell you where it is located and what it costs to enter. Then we’ll tell you about the club and how it works. Next, we’ll tell you about the prostitutes at Oase, what they charge, and what kind of services they offer. Finally, we’ll tell you about potential scams to avoid.

About German FKK clubs

You can find FKK clubs throughout Germany. They are basically sex clubs that work under the cover of nudist clubs, or something like that. As a man, all you need to know is that they are big clubs filled with nude or semi-nude hookers.

You pay an admission fee to get inside. After that, you don’t really have to give any more money to the business. You take a shower and get a robe or towel to cover yourself. Then you walk around and enjoy. They have free food and drinks. You can take as much as you want. Then there are the aforementioned prostitutes.

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Some of the prostitutes will come up to you and offer sex. Others will hang back. If you want to have sex with them, all you have to do is ask. You can either do it right there in the open, or you can use one of the private rooms. There are a lot of private rooms in these places, and you don’t have to spend any extra money to use them. You obviously do have to pay the hookers, but they don’t ask for much and the prices are already set. So you know what you’re getting into, literally and figuratively.

It used to be that you could get yourself a bareback blowjob right out in the open. But Germany passed some kind of law that requires condoms for everything. So even though a lot of hookers will still blow you without a condom in private, they don’t really want to do it in public any more. That’s about the only downside with the FKK clubs, and it’s not much of a problem. Safe sex is better anyway.

Location of FKK Oase

Oase is maybe the most popular FKK sex club in Frankfurt. But it’s not exactly in Frankfurt. You won’t bump into the place while you’re wandering around in the city. So it’s not like Artemis in Berlin in that way. Oase is in a rural area, just off of the Number 5 highway.

Frankfurt is covered with rail roads. So you can take a train from Frankfurt to Seulberg. But then you would still have about a 30 minute walk ahead of you. Most guys trying to get Oase for some sex and fun don’t want to worry about that, so they just take a taxi or rent a car. Driving in Germany easy and even pleasurable, so we really recommend that if at all possible.

About Oase in Frankfurt

The admission fee at Oase is 70 Euros. That includes everything except the sex. For that you will normally pay 50 Euros at a time. Obviously, if you take two women you will pay 100 Euros. And the prices go up like that from there. But more or less everyone knows what is to be paid here and there isn’t really any haggling or cheating going on.

The lockers and showers are downstairs. Women aren’t allowed in that area. Then there are the many halls filled with private rooms. They are very nice and obviously made up for sex, with mirrors on the ceilings and walls. You feel like you’re in a porn video when you’re having sex at Oase.

The main room has a large bar where you can get your drinks. At another end there is a big dance floor with stripper poles. Most girls sit around or walk. They’re all naked. The guys mostly dress in robes, but a few do wear towels instead.

At the back of the main room there is a porn theater. It is called a “Kino” in Germany, but we don’t really know why. Anyway, this is set up like a Japanese pink salon blowjob bar. Except it has a big movie screen at the end that plays porno around the clock. So you can get your cock sucked there while watching a porn, which some guys seem to enjoy. The price is the same as regular sex at 50 Euros.

There are also other parts of the club like an outdoor area and a buffet where you can eat. But obviously, guys aren’t going to Oase to enjoy the food. Unless you mean they are dining at the Y or looking for something fishy to put in their mouths.

Prostitutes at Oase FKK

Oase is frankly filled with hookers. On a good night, there can be 150 prostitutes working at Oase. But even on a slow day, there will still be at least 50 around. The majority of them are very good looking too. It is rare to see a fat or ugly girl at Oase. They just can’t compete, so they don’t even show up.

Don’t go expecting German women though. The EU is an open-borders place, so people from all over Europe can come work in Germany. The women who take advantage of this most in terms of sex work are the Romanians. The Moldovans come in large numbers too, but some argue they are just kin of the Romanians anyway.

So most of the women you meet at Oase will be Romanians. But you will also meet some women from other parts of Europe. You can find Polish women at Oase along with the occasional Russian. You might even find a girl from Hungary or some other place. They’re all going to be in their twenties and looking good. You’ll know that because they’ll all be stark naked for you to look over.

Price of sex at Oase

Like we said earlier, you can expect to pay 50 Euros for sex at Oase. That is for a straight session with one girl. She’ll give you a blowjob and sex in a few positions. If you want anything special like anal sex, you will have to negotiate and pay extra. Most Oase hookers will even want more money if you want to kiss them or cum on their faces. It depends on the girl though. Some are more up for fun than others.

There are a few stories of scam-like behavior at Oase, but it seems pretty rare. Since everyone knows the going rate, they can only really try this on with newbies. Sometimes a girl will keep trying to extend the time when you’re already in the room. You don’t have to do this. It’s all your choice. Most guys are just going to pay 50 Euro to each girl they bang and that’s it. It doesn’t haven’t to get any more serious or involved than that.

This kind of simplicity explains why FKK clubs are so popular. They are a good model for prostitution that we would like to see more. A few other countries do have sex saunas of their own. We don’t know if the plan will spread any further abroad, but no guy with a heartbeat and a functioning penis would complain if an FKK like Oase sprung up in their neighborhood!

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