Review of Goldentime Vienna

Our review of Goldetime sex sauna in Vienna


Goldentime sauna is a world-famous sex sauna in Vienna, Austria. Goldentime is a “FKK” style club. That means it follows the Freik√∂rperkultur business model that originated in Germany. It’s basically like a nudist or swinger club where you can have sex with all the girls. There are a lot of these FKK saunas in Europe. But Goldentime usually tops the list.

In this real guy’s review of Goldentime sauna we are going to tell you all you need to know. Unlike a lot of copy and past websites, we have actually been to Goldentime. So we can give you a real idea of what it is like to visit from the perspective of men like us. If you are curious about what goes on in the Goldentime sex sauna, just read ahead.

Location of Goldentime sauna

Goldentime Sauna is very easy to find. It’s pretty much dead in the middle of Vienna. You can walk there, take a taxi, or ride the light-rail train to Geiereckstra√üe. You’ll see the place there. It’s a giant building with big signs. There are even pictures of sexy European women on the side of the building. You really can’t miss it.

If you’re not good at following directions, just ask someone. Like we said earlier, the place is world famous. So it is really well known in Vienna itself. In the worst case scenario, you can just jump in a cab and tell them to take you to Goldentime. They know where it is, and they’ll drop you off right at the front door. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Inside, the place it just like a large social club. It’s a really big place of over 2500 square meters. There is a huge shower room where you can put up your clothes and wash off. Then you wear a robe and walk around. You can hang out on all the sofa couches and beds. Or head over to the bar and have a drink. Then grab some free food from the buffet. You can enjoy the spa facilities or even watch porn on the big screen. There’s more stuff to do than just having sex. But really, sex is why people go to Goldentime.

Prostitutes at Goldentime

Just don’t be surprised when you walk in and you’re surrounded by over fifty totally naked European babes. Well, you won’t be surprised, because you’re reading this review. If you want to know more about how FKK clubs work, be sure to read our review of Mainhattan in Frankfurt. That has a lot more details about these kinds of places that we won’t keep repeating.

Prostitution is totally legal in Austria, which is great for everyone involved. Basically, any woman who wants to sell sex can go work at Goldentime. The only requirements are that they are good looking. At Goldentime the women are all eights or better. There are even some perfect tens walking around. And you can have sex with them just like anyone else.

Mostly, you can expect to see Eastern Europeans at Goldentime. The majority of them won’t have tattoos or flabby bodies. Fat chicks are very rare if they can be found at all. You won’t find many single mothers working at Goldentime either, so you don’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of floppy tits. Truthfully, being at Goldentime is like walking into a video shoot for Czech Harem.

Price of sex at Goldentime sauna

While food and drink are free at Goldentime, you do have to pay a cover charge. Since the prostitutes are self-employed, that is the way the club itself makes money. At 90 Euros, the door fee at Goldentime is higher than most FKK in Germany. But Austria is more expensive than Germany in pretty much every where. So it’s no surprise.

There is no official price list for sex at Goldentime. But the women all hang out with each other all day, so everyone knows the going rates. You pay 60 Euros for thirty minutes with a prostitute. You can pretty much use that how you want. But most guys just get a blow job followed by sex with a condom. You can do it publicly right in the club if the prostitutes agree. Otherwise, you use one of the free rooms. They’re nice and clean like a good hotel.

Prostitutes at Goldentime Vienna

If you want special stuff you have to pay extra. So expect to pay 30 Euros more if you want to pull out and cum all over a prostitute’s face. If you want to do anal sex, you’ll probably have to double the fee. So expect to pay 120 Euros if you include butt sex. Keep in mind that some hookers at Goldentime don’t take it up the anus though. So you have to ask.

A good thing about Goldentime compared to some other FKK is that there is rarely any upsell. That means the women don’t beg and bother you to spend more money or pay for extra activities. The club won’t allow it. So whatever you agree upon and pay for is what you get. It’s that straight forward kind of thinking that countries like Austria and Germany are famous for. It’s just applied to hookers!

Is Goldentime a good place to visit?

After reading this, it would probably be obvious that Goldentime is popular with a lot of guys. It’s one of the few places in the world any guy can walk into and be instantly surrounded by numerous fully nude babes. What is not to love?

Well, not everyone likes Goldentime or FKKs. Some guys want a “girlfriend experience.” Truthfully, you are not going to get that at Goldentime or any other FKK in Europe. These places are meant for having sex without attachment with hot women. The women want money. The guys want sex. So they get together and make a mutual exchange.

Usually you can get the best girlfriend experience from an actual girlfriend. That’s easy to find. In some places more than others. Austria is kind of cold and it’s not really a great place to do dating or try to pick up women. So that might explain why Goldentime is so popular in Vienna. Both locals and foreigners go there.

You really don’t have to look that deep though. It’s a big club filled with fully naked European babes who will suck you and have sex for around fifty bucks. That’s the main draw and that’s the real reason so many guys go there. No deep scientific study is needed to find reasons beyond that!

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