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Guide to sex saunas in Prague


Prague has been a popular destination for travelers going back long before any of us were born. In the last few years, a lot of people have been drawn by the low cost of living. It’s a nice place. Being affordable even makes it more desirable. When you add in the fact that there are places like sex saunas in Prague, it is easy to figure out why so many guys make the trip.

In this guide to sex saunas in Prague, we will tell you everything you need to know about these Czech sex clubs. We’ll tell you where to go, how much you’ll have to pay, and what to expect inside. Finally, we’ll give you some alternatives to sex saunas in case you don’t feel up to checking out these kinds of places in person.

Sex saunas in Prague

FKK-style sex saunas are popular all over Europe. The model is the same everywhere. There are big sauna facilities with swimming pools, bars, food, and plenty of private rooms. Naked or semi-naked women walk around looking for guys. Guys in robes and towels walk around looking for women. When people want to have sex, they go to a private room or do it right there in front of everyone. Then the guy pays the prearranged fee and moves on.

It really is as simple as that. When you see how easy this model is, you have to wonder why it isn’t used in other countries around the world. Clearly this kind of legal prostitution is one of the best ways to do the sex trade for everyone involved.

There are many ways to meet women in the Czech Republic. But the truth is that there is really only one sex sauna in Prague. That is Sexy Sauna Club. Below we will tell you all about this place and the countless beautiful babes inside.

FKK Sexy Sauna Club

Sexy Sauna Club is very easy to find. It is in one of the main red light districts of Prague. There is a big sign outside for you to see in English. You just walk in and get a wrist band at the front desk. Then you descend down into the depths of this huge sex club.

First you start out in a locker room. You put your clothes in a locker and close it. Then shower, put on a robe and slippers, and walk up the main area. It is a huge lounge with all kinds of seats, televisions, a big bar, and a full buffet. But you won’t be looking at any of that. Your eyes will be on all the fully naked European women walking around. That’s why you go to Sexy Sauna!

There are women from all over the world at Sexy Sauna. Most of them are going to be from Eastern Europe. There are actually very few Czech prostitutes. But who cares about that? Especially when there are loads of hot Romanians and Russian chicks with bodies to die for! Most of them have really flawless bodies. These aren’t the kind of stretched out single moms you find at some budget locations around the world.

Yet, sex at Sexy Sauna is priced pretty low. If you compare it to other western and European countries, you might be surprised. Sure it is not as cheap as a blowjob in Ho Chi Minh City. But it is definitely not as expensive as the average escort in the west either. A blowjob and full sex in a private room at Sexy Sauna is 1900 Koruna or 70 Euro. That’s about $80 US dollars for those keeping track at home.

You also have to pay a sauna fee too. That is a one off cost that is added on to your bill. It remains the same no matter how much food or drink you enjoy. It doesn’t matter how much sex you have either. If you bone five girls or stay in the corner and watch television, you still have to pay the same 2500 Koruna. So if you expect to have sex with at least one girl, you need a minimum of $190 dollars to go to the Sexy Sauna. That is much more than you would pay for the same thing at an FKK in Germany.

The opinions on Sexy Sauna club seem to be divided. Some guys simply love the place, and it’s easy to see why. On the other hand, we also understand guys who think the cover charge is too expensive. If you are comparing it to Germany, you might think that the rates are too high. Especially since the Czech Republic has a much lower cost of living in general.

Alternatives to sex saunas

Maybe because there is only one real sex sauna in Prague, the prices are high for Europe. Still, some guys coming from other countries where sex is so much more expensive might not mind. The benefit of sex saunas is that they are all contained. You get everything you need in one place including food, drinks, and of course sex!

Like we said earlier, there are a lot of ways to meet women in Prague. Nowadays, a lot of the women in the streets are a bit cold. After years of guys trying to run day game, they have started to tune in to foreigners who only want sex. Picking up Czech chicks is getting harder as a general rule. If you want to get with non-pros, your best bet is going to be to turn to the dating sites and Tinder. Even that is hit or miss though, to be honest. You can definitely find women interested in foreigners on dating sites. A lot of them want a serious relationship though. That’s actually easier to find than a one night stand!

So that helps explain why places like Sexy Sauna are still so popular. Even though they are more expensive that a lot of places in Germany, they still bring in many customers. You know as well as we do why this is. Guys get horny and they need a release. When fapping isn’t enough, they head out and look for a place to unload. Sexy Sauna is one of the big ones in Prague!

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