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Are Filipinas the easiest women in the world?


Pinays, Filipinas, Flips, or LBFMs. Whatever you want to call them, women in the Philippines do have a reputation for being pretty horny and easy to bed. How true is this? And how do Filipinas compare to other women of the world? A lot of horny guys want to know if Filipinas really are the easiest women in the world. We’re all about answers.

If we really want to figure out whether or not Filipinas are the easiest women in the world, we have to sit down and look at the facts. We have to dig through the anecdotes and get to the real evidence. Then we have to compare our findings to what we know about the rest of the world. So let’s do it!

Are Filipinas the easiest women in the world?

So, are Filipinas the easiest women in the world? The fact that the question is even asked has to at least say something. So does the phrase “LBFM” which is often applied to Filipinas. It’s a big crude, but it stands for “little brown fucking machines.”

This comes from US soldiers who were stationed in the Philippines. These are the same guys that brought us the rise of Pattaya as a sex city and maybe even Hooker Hill in Seoul too. Where there are soldiers, there are hookers. That goes way back. That doesn’t necessary mean Filipinas are easy.

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But what about all the guys who go the Philippines and have lots of sex? This is surely a real thing and there can be no question about it. You can basically get off an airplane and walk right into a place where you can have sex. Again though, that isn’t necessarily a special or rare thing. There are soapy massage parlors just outside of the major airports in Bangkok too!

If we forget about the paid stuff, there are still a lot of guys having sex with Filipinas. Yet there are just as many who hear about “easy Filipinas” only to show up in the Philippines and find women they want to date who bring along friends, sister, or cousins because they are so shy.

Examining the evidence

What does the cold hard evidence say? Besides all the accounts of horny guys hooking up as much as they want in the Philippines, we also have other things to look at. For example, there are at least five dedicated Filipina porn sites out there. They are:

  1. LBFM
  2. Filipina Sex Diary
  3. Trike Patrol
  4. PI Monger
  5. Filipina Candy

Can you think of another ethnicity like this? There are some. There’s a huge porn industry in America. There’s also a big AV industry in Japan. Finally, there are many Thai porn sites too. But, generally speaking a specialized porn site for one country is a bit rare. You’ve never heard of Lao Pussy Pounders right? We haven’t either.

You might think a lot of Filipinas do porn because they’re poor. Well, Myanmar and Laos are even poorer. Where is the porn from those countries? There really isn’t any. Meanwhile, American and Japan are two of the richest countries on earth. They both make lots of the stuff. Clearly money isn’t the only question here.

There’s also the fact that it is so easy to hookup in Manila. It’s even easier to wander into the many red light districts in the Philippines like EDSA Entertainment and P Burgos in Manila. That doesn’t even touch on the go go bars or happy ending massage parlors in Angeles City. Then there’s still Cebu! It’s very easy to get laid in the Philippines.

Good girls in the Philippines

While there is no doubt at all that it can be incredibly easy for men to have sex in the Philippines, it is just as possible to meet good girls. By that we mean dedicated women who want to fall in love and make a family. They might be as horny as anyone else, but they don’t have sex for money or cheat on their man. They exist in the Philippines, and they’re just as easy to get to as the many hookers and hook up girls.

If you want to get easy sex, there’s no shortage of options. But if you’re looking for a good woman to be your girlfriend or wife, the Philippines is a great place. If you’re serious about that quest, just make an account on Pina Love. Spend some time browsing the thousands of women. Talk to them. You will find that there are plenty of great women in the Philippines.

They say “it’s more fun in the Philippines.” Indeed it can be! With all the islands there is a lot of variation, especially among the women. It’s a great place to scratch a sexual itch but also a nice land of opportunity for those seeking a real relationship with a caring woman. No wonder so many guys go there! We can’t blame them.

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