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Guide to the P Burgos red light district in Manila


The P Burgos red light district is probably one of the most visited parts of Manila. Yet, you don’t hear much about the place. It’s certainly not on any tourist brochures, even though they all say “it’s more fun in the Philippines”. We want to correct that, because it’s more fun on P Burgos Street than out in Pasay City!

In this guide to the P Burgos red light district, we are going to tell you everything you need to know. First, we’ll show you how to get to P Burgos Street. Then we’ll let you know what the girls are like and where to find them. Next, we’ll tell you about the price of sex at P Burgos Street. Finally, we’ll tell you about some good hotels around the red light district that let you bring girls to your room.

Location of the P Burgos red light district

P Burgos Street is a short tourist-oriented street in the heart of Makati. Of course Makati is the nicest part of Manila. Makati is usually where you are going to want to be when you are spending time in Manila. If you stay in another part of town, you are going to lose hours of your life fighting the traffic to get to and from Makati!

P Burgos Street is home to the P Burgos red light district. It is one of the biggest attractions for foreigners in Manila. So, there are always going to be a lot of foreigners there. There are also a lot of go go bikini bars with dancers. Finally, there are hundreds of prostitutes in P Burgos Street itself each night.

There are actually two Burgos streets in Manila. So if you are using any kind of map program or talking to a taxi driver, make sure you look at P Burgos Street in Makati. The other Burgos Street in Pasay is not the kind of place you want to be hanging around. There’s nothing for you over there, except maybe a hard time.

Go go bars on P Burgos Street

There are a lot of go go bars on P Burgos Street. They are easy to find with large neon signs. The bars are all filled with dancers, but each place is different. Bottoms has topless dancers who usually let you touch their boobs. Kojax has some of the hottest 19 to 24 year days you will find. Ringside has midget and bar girl boxing. Mixed Nuts is filled with Filipina ladyboys.

If you want to talk to a bar girl, you normally have to buy her a lady drink. The price for that is between 250 and 300 Pesos. The girl gets a cut from the drink, but they don’t usually rely on these. Instead, they make most of their money by having sex with customers.

Filipina LBFM

The bar fine at the P Burgos Street go go bars is between 2,000 and 5,000 Pesos. You have to pay that to the bar if you want to take a dancer out. She has to agree too, obviously. On top of that, you have to give the girl money for her time and efforts. That is negotiable, but usually you will pay 2,000 to 4,000 Pesos for a few hours. If you want to stay with a P Burgos go go girls overnight, you will normally give her 3,000 to 7,000 Pesos.

We aren’t going to go too far into detail here, because we’ve already written a full guide to the P Burgos Street go go bars. If you want to know anything about the go go bars on P Burgos, you should absolutely check out that guide!

Street prostitution on P Burgos Street

With the current exchange rate of 1 US dollar to 53 Pesos, you see that the go go bars are not exactly a cheap option. A lot of expats and tourists have no problem paying those prices. Other guys are on a budget or just want to watch their money.

Most of them will probably just look for girlfriends or hookups on sites like Pina Love. It is pretty easy to meet women in Manila. But there are still times when you strike out. Or you just might not feel like trying to sweet talk a Pinay girl out of her pants. That’s where street hookers come in.

Filipina street prostitutes

We have already written a full guide to streetwalkers on P Burgos Street. You should check that out if you want the full details on P Burgos street hookers. The short and sweet summary is that there are lots of ladies in the street near the 7 Eleven every night. Most of them claim to offer “massage.” In fact they are prostitutes who will give you a blowjob and sex for between 500 and 2000 Pesos.

This is obviously a much cheaper option than the go go bars. You can’t see what their bodies look like since they are in regular street clothes. Honestly though, they aren’t any worse looking in general. Just be forewarned that there are also plenty of ladyboys in the crowd. If you like your chicks with dicks, you are in luck. If not, keep an eye out for big Adam’s apples.

Guest friendly hotels on stay on P Burgos Street

If you plan on spending any time at P Burgos Street, you are going to be very tempted to take a girl to your room. You want to make sure you are staying in a guest friendly hotel that is within walking distance. This will save you a lot of hassle, and make your stay safer and more enjoyable. Just make sure the hotel is indeed guest friendly! Otherwise, you’ll be looking for a short time hotel to shag in when the urge and opportunity comes.

The best guest friendly hotels in the P Burgos Street red light district are are:

All of these hotels are in the immediate area of P Burgos Street. Yet they are all safe and offer some peace and quiet. That can be much needed after a few nights in the clubs. These hotels are also confirmed to be girl friendly and competent.

Every hotel on the list has staff who will take the identification cards of any girls you bring to your room. When the girls leave, the staff will ask you if it is okay. That is to make sure you only bring adults to your room. It also ensures they don’t walk off with some of your stuff while you are sleeping or in the shower.

If you are going to be checking out the P Burgos red light district, we recommend you stay in one of the hotels on our list. That way you know you will be in a safe and secure spot. You don’t want to be wandering around Manila at all hours of the night looking for a hotel or a taxi to take you through the insane traffic.

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