Condoms in Bangkok

Where to buy condoms in Bangkok


Any guy traveling to Thailand is going to want to know where to buy condoms in Bangkok. It’s the biggest city in Thailand and the gateway most enter through. With so much going on and millions of women to meet, a lot of guys end up staying there.

In this guide were are going to tell you where to buy condoms in Bangkok so you can stay safe. You don’t want your dream trip to turn into a nightmare. So take our advice and have safe sex when you are in the land of smiles. Leave the Thai creampies to the professionals.

Safe sex in Bangkok

Thailand has a pretty high level of sexually transmitted diseases. Most people having sex in Thailand aren’t infected, but enough are to make it worth considering. What do you expect in one of the most visited cities in the world? Especially when guys come from all over and bang local chicks left and right.

After a big HIV outbreak the AIDS rate has really declined in Thailand. It’s far from gone though. Thailand has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in Asia and the fifteenth highest in the world. It is only rivaled by Africa. Don’t be one of the guys who thinks it can’t happen to you. Straight guys can get HIV too.

There are also a lot of other sexually transmitted diseases floating around. Some of the most common STDs in Bangkok are:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • HPV / Genital Warts
  • HSV / Herpes

We don’t want to scare you out of having sex. But we have to be honest. You should be too. Look at the facts and then make your decisions. We think you’ll agree the best idea is to keep your cock covered when you’re having sex in Thailand.

We don’t know for sure but Bangkok probably only rivals Pattaya in terms of STD infections. Bangkok probably has more people with sexually transmitted infections since its bigger and has more civilians. Believe it or not, civilian girls can have higher infection rates than professional sex workers. Hookers usually know how to keep themselves functioning to keep the money coming in.

Where to buy condoms in Bangkok

You can buy condoms in any mini-mart in Bangkok. If you have been to Bangkok before, you know that they are everywhere. We have even seen 7Elevens across the street from other 7Elevens. They’re very plentiful and they all stock condoms. Usually the condom display is in the front of the store.

You can also buy condoms at a lot of pharmacies. The big chain pharmacies like Boots are most likely to carry a wide variety of prophylactics. A lot of the smaller family owned pharmacies have limited condoms supplies or even no condoms at all.

There are some problems with buying condoms in Thailand. If you’ve read our guide on where to buy condoms in Pattaya you already know them.

The first problem is that Thai condoms come in sizes. The size is listed in a number somewhere on the box. But it’s not always easy to find. In the heat of the moment, it is easy to grab a condom that is too small for your body. Another problem is that some local brands use boxes that look just like other condoms. It is very easily to buy some crappy small rubber when you thought you were actually getting a box of Okamoto Zero Zero Four ultra-thins from Japan.

Bring your own rubbers

It’s not hard to find condoms in Bangkok. But there are many reasons to bring your own. You can save money when you buy condoms in bulk. You can also be sure you have the right size rubber. Some Thai condoms are just too tiny.

A lot of condoms in Thailand are uncomfortable otherwise. They are thick or made out of strange materials. They even come in different colors. Many guys might wish they had a big black cock, bu who wants to have a red wiener?

Crown condoms

The best condoms are the ones that feel like they aren’t even there. Well, Crown condoms from Japan are famously called “the closest thing to nothing at all.” You can grab them online on the cheap and get them sent right to your home.

If you are a premature ejaculator, you also want to bring your own condoms. Imagine dropping 3000 Baht only to end the session in 30 seconds. That’s 100 Baht a second! Too much money unless you’re rich and famous. Check out Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms and stretch out your sex.

Today porn is so easy to find that a lot of guys wank like crazy. Sex is pretty easy to find too, especially in Bangkok. That might be why many guys no longer enjoy sex with a condom. If you’re one of those guys we highly recommend the new and innovative Hex Condom from Lelo. It’s made in a totally new way and it doesn’t actually feel like a condom. Don’t risk your life for a few minutes of pleasure. Just take another route and invest in the Hex!

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