Ola Ola Bangkok Massage

Our review of Ola Ola Massage in Bangkok


Ola Ola Massage is a full range erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. Their team of attractive ladies offers a number of services including nuru and body-to-body massage right in the heart of the city. Ola Ola is known for having hot masseuses who know how to give a sensual massage.

We are big fans of massage. We love everything from traditional Thai massage right on down to sensual oil massage. Ola Ola is one of our favorite places to visit whenever we’re looking for an erotic massage from hot and friendly Thai chicks with great bodies.

Ola Ola looks like a regular store from the outside. Inside, it is a very luxurious place that promotes relaxation with an excellent spa like atmosphere. We find it to be one of the best places to unwind from the hectic pace of downtown Bangkok.

What is Ola Ola Massage like?

Ola Ola Massage is located just off of Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok near the SU 22 Hotel. It’s in an area filled with all sorts of businesses that is just a short walk from the famous Asok Intersection and Asok BTS Station. Being just steps off of Sukhumvit Road makes it easily accessible.

The front of the Ola Ola Massage parlor has a mirrored glass finish with a neon bar style sign. Inside the place is nice and cool which makes for a great respite from the heat. Though the women who work here are hot enough to heat things right back up in the private rooms.

massage ladies from ola ola

There are lots of ladies at Ola Ola and they all know how to please. Some of the women (like our favorite Patty) have bodies to die for. Gusjang and Sofia look really good too. We’re currently working our way down the list to find out what we are missing. So far it doesn’t seem like we can really go wrong here.

Ola Ola does Japanese style service which means that the customer is king. They have a great work ethic here and everyone really seems to want to make sure that all customers leave totally satisfied. We have to say that we fully drained after every visit. Talk about some serious stress relief!

How much does it cost?

We find Ola Ola Massage to have some of the best prices of any shop of its kind. We’ve done a lot of research and it’s really difficult to find a full on erotic massage in Bangkok for less than 2000 Baht these days. Yet at Ola Ola Massage a 40 minute rub down is just 1900 Baht.

Of course there are also longer sessions available for a bit more. Still though, the prices are very reasonable and compare quite well to some of the other massage parlors around.

For example, a 60 minute long nuru massage at Ola Ola is just 3000 Baht. A 90 minutes nuru massage is 3500. A one hour massage from two ladies is only 5000 Baht. From our perspective this is a real value! There aren’t a ton of add ons to make things more expensive either. At most we will splurge and get a jacuzzi room for an extra 500 Baht.

If you would like more info about this popular Bangkok massage parlor take a look at the Ola Ola website which has all the information, pictures of the chicks, a map of the location, and contact information.

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