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Devil’s Den Pattaya


The Devil’s Den in Pattaya used to be an all around sex shop in Pattaya, Thailand. It was popular enough to be advertised on same baht buses.

There was a possibility to book a service provider ahead of time via website or phone call.

It might have been a better idea to just show up in person, because of the usual problems (pictures don’t always match up to reality, hard to establish the right chemistry).

The Past

When it came to the women themselves, the level of beauty was generally speaking higher than at most competitors.

threesome with two thai hookers from the devil's den
Stunning Chicks From The Devil’s Den In Pattaya

More than a few customers praised the Devil’s Den for their specialty. Their specialty being two women at the same time.

Prices for two ladies at the same time used to be 3600 Thai baht. That was the equivalent of $115.

Another specialty was the VIP Bus. The VIP Bus picked up customers at the Bangkok Airport.

Inside the Devil’s Den VIP Bus

Devil’s Den – The Present

Nowadays the Devil’s Den has people wondering about a possible reopening. On the official Devil’s Den website they are talking about an early 2022 Reopening.

However, both their facebook and twitter account has not been updated for years.

Leaving potential customers scrambling for answers.

One facebook post about the Devil’s Den Pattaya reads:

What happened to you? I am thinking about a visit but theres only your review before the 2019? went as far as suggesting that the Devil’s Den Website and entire Brand Name was highjacked!

A quote from

Of course, the parties using the Den name and signage now at the old LK Metro location have simply hijacked the brand and whatever portions of the business model they could puzzle together.

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