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Where to buy condoms in Pattaya: Better bring your own!


Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. Millions of people go there every year. A lot of them end up in Pattaya. Especially if they are horny guys. Any guy making the trip wants to know where to buy condoms in Pattaya.

With a reputation as “Sin City” filled with bars and prostitutes, you might think buying condoms would be a piece of cake. It’s not difficult, but as this guide to condoms in Pattaya explains, you may be better off bringing condoms with you!

Safe sex in Pattaya

Pattaya isn’t a secret to anyone. Millions of people go there every day. More live there full time. The prostitutes see a lot of customers. Having sex with professionals in those conditions could definitely be termed “high risk.” When you’re looking at sloppy sevenths, your best bet to stay safe is to wrap it up!

Thai prostitute in room

Unlike the Philippines where women have a reputation for sexing without a prophylactic, Thai hookers usually require their customers to rubber up. Normally they will do a blow job bareback but make you wear a condom for sex. That’s good for you and for them.

HIV reached near crisis levels in Thailand some years ago. After that HIV rates went into decline, thanks to large campaigns about safe sex. Now it seems that people are getting infected again at scary rates.

As AVERT says, “Thailand has one of the highest HIV prevalences in Asia and the Pacific, accounting for 9% of the region’s total population of people living with HIV.” Wikipedia says, “Thailand had the highest prevalence of HIV in Asia and the fifteenth highest prevalence in the world.” You don’t want to play around with those numbers, do you?

Where to buy condoms in Pattaya

It’s not hard to find condoms in Pattaya. You can buy condoms in any mini-mart. There are mini-marts everywhere. The most common is 7Eleven. There are also many Family Marts. The condoms are on the counter in the front of the store.

Sexy Thai girl shopping 7Eleven

Sounds easy right? Well, there are some problems. In Thailand they sell condoms in different sizes. The condoms are mostly made for Thai guys with small dicks. The sizes are in a small number on the box. Sometimes you can’t even find the number. So you get back to the room with rubbers that are too small for your dick. That’s not good.

Another problem is deceptive advertising. The local condom brands try to make their boxes look like famous condoms. There is a very small Thai condom with a box that looks almost exactly like the packaging for the ultra-thin Okamoto Zero Zero Four condom. You grab it without thinking and you get home with a very small, very thick condom you can’t use.

If you have to buy condoms in Pattaya, grab a box of Durex. You’ll do best with these if you have an average or larger size Western penis. The Durex are sometimes a little small, but they’re still bigger than some of the local rubbers.

If you go to a soapy massage they have their own condoms. But they are thick industrial strength rubbers. You might not feel anything even though you’re with a very sexy lady. That’s a waste. Short time hotels have the same thick rubbers. They charge you about eight bucks for a box of two!

Bring your own condoms

Because trying to buy condoms in Pattaya is so annoying, we highly recommend that you bring your own from home. You’ll be sure you have comfortable rubbers that fit. You’ll save money too! Why spend five bucks for a three pack of condoms when you can get twelve ultra thin Crown Condoms for six?

If you’re one of the many guys who can’t feel anything with a condom, we highly suggest you invest in the Hex Condom from Lelo. It’s a totally ground breaking new condom made with a different method. When ultra-thin condoms don’t do the trick, buy some Hex condoms and keep them with you at all times.

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