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Soapy massage parlors in Macau


Soapy massage parlors in Macau are one the least expensive options when it comes to legal prostitution in the Special Administrative Region. That’s not to say that the soapies are inexpensive though. When it is all said and done, you’ll probably end up dropping more then $200 US dollars. But that’s still less than you would pay in the high end places.

The saunas are the most well-known prostitution options in Macau. And for good reason. There are not many places like them anywhere in this world. They’re like European FKK sex saunas on speed. But they come at a cost. A visit to a popular sauna like Rio can cost you close to $1000 US dollars if you enjoy everything on offer. So it’s easy to see why people sometimes prefer to hit up the soapy massage parlors.

The women you find in the soapy massage parlors aren’t necessarily worse looking than the chicks in the saunas either. They just work on guys one-by-one in a come and go type of environment. The prices are a little bit lower because the place doesn’t need to do as much service and upkeep. In a Macau sauna, they have a lot of people around to wait on you hand and foot. In a Macau soapy, you don’t see anyone after you retire to a private room with your chick and lock the door.

What is a soapy massage parlor?

A soapy massage parlor is basically exactly what it sounds like. These are massage places with full bathing facilities. In theory, the prostitutes who work in these places are supposed to cover themselves with soapy suds and slide all over your body in the nude. Some places claim that’s all they offer, to avoid prostitution laws. But in Macau where prostitution is legal, there are no qualms being made. The whole idea is that guys go in and chose a woman to pay for sex.

Unlike most prostitution, it is common to pay up front at soapy massage parlors. Normally, that is not a wise move. If people already have your money, they can be less motivated to perform the agreed upon services. But in some places it is the norm. Probably because everyone already knows the place is more or less trustworthy and reliable.

Macau soapy massage

There are soapy massage parlors in Thailand. Other than that, you don’t really find many of them around the world. There are a few scattered here and there. And of course the original soaplands in Japan that they are all based on are still around too. But this isn’t a thing you can find in every city on earth unfortunately. So the Macau soapy massage shops are somewhat unique.

Not every chick is a soapy will do the sudsy slide. And in some places, none of them do. But we still call these places soapy massage parlors because of the history and common terminology. The short version is that a soapy massage place is basically a big high-level Asian brothel with a bath tub in the room.

Soapy massage parlors in Macau

While there are a ton of saunas in Macau, there are really only two dedicated soapy massage parlors. They are both in the same group too, which just goes to show how little competition there is in this field. Thankfully both places have plenty of beautiful women inside, so there’s really no need for more.

Darling 1 is located on the third floor of the Macau Masters Hotel. You can use the main elevator in the hotel to get there. But it’s better to access the place through the dedicated side entrance and lift. That gets you there directly. Just look for the neon “massage” sign.

Darling 2 has its own building at 85-89 Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga. It’s pretty easy to find, thanks to the big red frontage and the signs in multiple languages. There’s even some stuff about “massage” written across the front in English. Darling 2 is the smaller of the group, but some say the service goes a little further there.

What to expect in a Macau soapy massage parlor

When you walk into a Macau soapy massage, you’ll be right in the main room. The chicks will be sitting there in front of you on elevated benches. They’ll all be done up nicely and wearing sexy clothes. And they’ll have color-coded badges pinned to their clothes. A manager will usually find you very fast and explain everything.

Usually the colors of the badges indicate the nationalities of the women. In most soapies that means one color will be assigned to Chinese chicks and another will be given to Vietnamese babes. There may be another color for Thai ladies too. They may also have some badges with little stars on them to show you who are “the models.” The chicks are all hot. The models just might be a little taller or whiter skinned.

A funny little quirk of Darling 1 is that they even have a pair of binoculars there for customers to closely examine the chicks. Since the women are seated just a few steps away, it is incredibly strange. But it doesn’t stop some of the customers from using the binoculars to scope out the ladies like a hunter glasses through a heard of trophy deer.

Prices depend on the nationality or “class” of the chicks. More or less you can expect to pay around 1700 Mop to take a lady to a private room. That’s about $210 in US dollars, so it’s not outrageous. It’s around what the black market Asian massage parlors charge in America. In Macau it’s above ground and superior in pretty much every way.

After you pay, they have someone take you up to a room. The rooms are nice and big. They have great beds, mirrors and televisions with porn playing, and big Jacuzzi style tubs. After a waitress brings hot tea and cold water, your chick will strip down and fire up the tub. You’ll get a nice wash with a blowjob. Then you’ll go the bed where the chick will alternate between hot tea and cold water drinking to give you different sensation during another blowjob. Finally you’ll get to do it in multiple positions.

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