Chinese prostitute from Darling 1 Macau

Darling 1 Macau


Darling 1 is located in Macau. It is giving customers a fishbowl experience.

Customers get to chose their favorite service provider from a fishbowl resembling outlet.

With service providers from Thailand, Vietnam and China there is a large variety to choose from.

Met A Nice Provider In Macau! Then I made a video of her in my hotel room

The rooms in Darling 1 deserve an extra mentioning.

Large rooms with large beds and a mirrored ceiling.

Not much to complain about. However, everything comes at a price.

The charge for a standard session is the equivalent of about 225 $.

This is pretty much the average price for Macau.

Since there are other venues nearby, it can make sense to shop around.

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