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The best cities for sex in China


China is one of the biggest and most prominent countries in the world. It is increasingly involved in world commerce. Chinese people are traveling all over the world. And people from other countries are traveling to China. China has a history of prostitution going back many years too. Yet there is surprisingly little information about sex in China.

In this guide we are going to list the four best cities in China for sex. We will then explain why each city is on the list. We’ll tell you about the kinds of women you can expect to meet in each city. We’ll also tell you about the availability of hookers in each location, and how much they charge. You’ll learn everything you need to know about sex in this sweeping land.

The best cities for sex in China

Years ago, anyone who knows anything who knows anything about China would have said that Dongguan was the best place for guys to go. But after a major purge swept through, nearly all of the famous sex clubs in that town were shut down. They say that 200,000 sex workers lost their jobs that day. Nowadays Dongguan is just a shadow of its former self. Prostitutes are hard to find for foreigners, and the regular dating scene isn’t great at all either.

That doesn’t mean no one is having sex in China. Far from it! It didn’t become one of the most populated countries on earth without some penetration. Foreigners can’t always get involved in that. But it is still pretty easy for non-Chinese guys to get laid in the PRC. You just have to put in some effort or maybe spend a few bucks.

For those looking for action, here is our list of the best cities in China for sex right now:

  1. Shanghai
  2. Beijing
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Macau

You might notice that two of these cities are not located in mainland China. But the simple fact is that they are both a part of China. Depending on how you look at it, Macau and Hong Kong were either always a part of China or they joined China in 1999. Either way, they are both Chinese cities now. And they are both among the best cities in the country for sex.


Shanghai is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in China. It has a history with foreigners going way back. So it’s no surprise that foreigners can still get lucky in Shanghai today. If you want to meet Chinese girls for dating and hookups, Shanghai is a decent choice. The women are busy though, so in person pickups can be hard. Tinder doesn’t work all that well either. No matter what, you need to invest some time.

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If you have read our guide to finding freelance prostitutes in Shanghai, then you know that there is some prostitution available. There are still a couple of sex saunas around too. Then there are the online escort services. It’s not cheap, but it’s there. So foreign guys don’t have to be sexless in Shanghai, even if they do need a VPN to use the internet there.


Beijing is the largest city in China. It is also one of the oldest cities in the world. Thankfully it’s not filled with the oldest women though. Ladies come from all over China to Beijing to try to make a living. A lot of them work so hard that they barely date. So there is a lot of tail available for those who will put in the footwork.

In terms of sheer numbers, Beijing offers you the best bet at meeting Chinese women. Even if you strike out with a 1,000 of them, there are millions more around for you to try. Dating and even hooking up is pretty easy in Beijing. The city itself is what is difficult. The immense amount of people and things like the pollution can make life tough.

There’s also a lot of prostitution in Beijing. It’s not right in your face like Bangkok, but it doesn’t take too much work to find it either. The main obstacle is money. The cost of prostitution in Beijing may be shocking to people from other parts of the world. Guys are commonly paying $300 US dollars and up for short time sex with a Beijing hooker. Granted they are usually very beautiful and sexy, but it’s still a lot of money!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong might be the most well-known city on this list for foreigners. It is in fact a kind of city-state that spans a whole island, plus some more land across the water. Hong Kong was of course a British colony for a while. It has more social freedom than the mainland, but it’s no Scandinavian liberal paradise. Then again, it doesn’t suffer from the “Scandanavian model” against prostitution either. It’s totally legal to sell sex in Hong Kong, and a lot of women do it.

The main avenue for hooking in Hong Kong is the one-woman brothel. These are just small apartments. Each one has a woman inside who will give you a blowjob and full vaginal sex with a condom. The price is usually 500 Hong Kong dollars. Some charge more or less. You can find these scattered apartments on websites like Sex141. Or you can just wander through the halls of the Fuji Building and see the women in person.

On top of the Chinese hookers, you have all kinds of freelancers and part-times from the Philippines and Indonesia who sell sex on the side. We’ve even seen Latinas hooking in Hong Kong. They’re easy to meet online or in person. You can also go to any number of massage parlors or go go bars. You have a lot to choose from in Hong Kong.

The dating scene is pretty good too. You have millions of women to talk to in Hong Kong, and a lot of them speak English. No matter your looks or money, you can find women to meet you. There are a lot of rich bitches, but also plenty of poor women just looking for love or a good time. Hong Kong is a great place for any guy to be.


Macau has so many options for horny guys that it has been described by some as an actual heaven on earth. We might not go that far with our description, but there are more available hookers in Macau than any mere mortal could penetrate in an entire year.

Like Dongguan, Macau is not as good as it used to be. But it’s still one of the easiest places in the entire world to buy sex. Macau is filled with sex saunas. Those saunas are all filled with women from around the world who have sex with customers for money. As you might guess, some of the women are Chinese from the mainland. So it’s actually easier for most foreigners to have sex with a mainland Chinese woman in Macau than on the mainland itself. It’s also easier to have sex with Vietnamese women in Macau than in Vietnam, for what that’s worth.

On top of the saunas, there are also Wechat prostitutes, hotel prostitutes, casino prostitutes, street walkers, and lots of brothels and massage parlors. Sex isn’t necessarily cheap anywhere, but there are options that are much less expensive than the saunas. They also happen to be less luxurious to say the least, but that’s typically how pricing works.

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