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Guide to sex at soaplands in Tokyo


Most guys like Japanese women. They are famously beautiful and sexy. A lot of guys complain that they can’t buy sex in Tokyo. They look at all the blowjob bars and titty bars and think that is all that’s available. There actually are a lot of places you can get full sex in the city. Basically every soapland in Tokyo offers intercourse as a regular part of the service.

In this guide to soaplands in Tokyo, we will tell you everything you need to know about having sex at these Japanese-style brothels. We’ll tell you where to find soaplands, how much they charge, and what you can expect inside.

What is a soapland?

A soapland is basically a really nice brothel. They used to be called Turkish baths, until the Turks got mad and asked them to change the name. Seriously, look it up.

Prostitution isn’t specifically illegal in Japan. But you can’t sell vaginal intercourse. That’s why there are so many pink salon blowjob bars. Soaplands get around this with an interpretation of the law.

sex in a tokyo soapland

More or less it’s like the European FKK clubs. They make money from admission fees, then say whatever you and the girls do is between you two. What this means is that you can pay and get full vaginal sex along with great mutual bathing.

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Words are never going to be enough to explain what it is like inside of a Japanese soapland. You either need to see it or experience it yourself. If you can’t experience it yourself, just check out a soapland video from Zenra. You’ll see what it is like.

Foreigner-friendly soaplands in Tokyo

If you have read our guides to meeting women in Japan, you probably know that most pay-for-play does not allow for foreign customers. This is the sad reality about prostitution in Japan. It is largely legal, but the people who run the businesses don’t want to deal with foreigners.

If you can speak Japanese, you will gain access to more places than the average gaijin. You don’t have to study Japanese to enter a soapland though. There are some soaplands in Tokyo known for accepting foreign customers. They are:

You have probably noticed that most of these soaplands are in Yoshiwara. That’s because it’s the traditional red light district of Tokyo. This goes way back into history. There were prostitutes in Yoshiwara before a lot of modern countries were even formed!

Another thing to mention is that these places have their own managers. They decide on each customer. So you are not guaranteed entrance to any of these places. We’ve heard of guys being refused somewhat randomly, or because they looked Chinese. That’s how it goes in Japan.

Price of sex in Tokyo soaplands

The price of sex at a soapland in Tokyo depends on the place. There are multiple levels of prices. The cheapest places like Prima Donna charge 27,000 Yen for 90 minutes. Other places like Don Juan can charge the equivalent of $1000 US dollars or more. But you also have a chance of doing it with a Japanese porn star at Don Juan. At Prima Donna you are more likely to get teamed up with a MILF.

Inside Japanese soapland

Price doesn’t always equate with the service or women though. Kinpeibai is one of the cheaper places at 38,000 Yen. Yet, a lot of women there actually do it bareback with their customers. So guys are getting what you could call a high level of service there for a relatively low price.

There’s a “gaijin tax” at a lot of places too. That’s an extra fee tacked on for foreigners if you aren’t aware. It’s just something that exists at a lot of places. For example, at Kinpeibai foreigners pay 10,000 more than Japanese customers. One place that doesn’t have a gaijin tax is Paradise.

Paradise was the most friendly

Probably to fill the void, a foreigner-friendly soapland called Paradise opened up in the 2020’s. It was just outside of Tokyo in Kawasaki. That didn’t really matter though, because you could get there from a train in Tokyo anyway.

Paradise was not only foreigner-friendly. It was actually foreigner-specific. They were the only soapland with native English speakers working the front desk. Beyond that, they were the only soapland that didn’t even allow Japanese customers. That’s right, Paradise was only open to foreigners.

Like any other soapland, you got full service at Paradise. That means you got a blowjob followed by vaginal intercourse. If you were super hung like us you might only get a blowjob though. But if your dick is huge like Mike Matei you have nothing to complain about generally.

No matter since Paradise closed in 2020. Another shop called “Rush Hour” tried to take its place, but that didn’t last long either. When Japan was shut down, trying to run a soapland for foreigners was little more than a fool’s errand.

Still we wanted to mention Paradise. It was a foreigner friendly soapland in Tokyo where you could fuck a real Japanese soap hostess for 30,000 Yen. That was only about $270 US dollars. Not bad at all. It makes you wonder why you live where you do inside of in Tokyo.

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