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Guide to strip clubs in Vienna


Austria definitely is not known as a sex tourism destination. There is a lot of prostitution there, but most customers are local or at least European. You don’t hear much about the many strip clubs in Vienna. Considering how they compare and differ from other strip clubs around the world, you might think they would get more attention. We think they deserve to be more known.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about strip clubs in Vienna. We’ll give you a list of the clubs. We’ll tell about their differences. Then we’ll tell you about having sex in Vienna strip clubs, which is both common and legal. Finally, we will break down the prices for drinks and sex in these clubs.

Strip clubs in Vienna

Strip clubs are pretty common in Vienna. It’s not like Atlanta where you have lots and lots of strip clubs competing with each other. But there are quite a few considering the size of the city. If you wander around you’ll probably find one. But if you know where you are going, you can find many.

Prostitution is legal in Austria. You might think strip clubs wouldn’t be popular in a place that has sex clubs like Goldentime. But as you can see they are. The list of strip clubs in Vienna includes:

There’s basically two kinds of strip clubs in Vienna. In the first kind of strip club you don’t see much actual stripping. The women will wear sexy gear or street clothes. But you can sex with pretty much any of them right in the club if you pay. The second kind of strip club is like what you would expect in America. They’re called table dance clubs. There are dancers there who will do lapdances and try to tease you for cash. They don’t have sex with paying customers as a regular part of their services though.

Maxim and Babylon are places where you can have sex with the dancers. Beverly Hills is just about lap dances. So if you’re looking for sex you go to the clubs that offer it. The other clubs are for guys who just want to spend money on women without having sex or getting off.

Having sex in Vienna strip clubs

If you expect the girls in the sex clubs to be worse looking than the dancers in the table bars, think again. There isn’t much of an overall difference. In any adult entertainment facility in Vienna most of the women are going to be pretty good looking chicks from Romania. That means lots of blondes with good bodies. There are some hanging around that don’t look nearly as good though.

Looks don’t account for the price of sex in Vienna strip clubs. There are rates in each place. It’s pretty standard stuff. If you have read our guide to Prague strip clubs then you will already have a good idea of what to expect.

Vienna women sex

In most Vienna strip clubs, you can expect to pay 120 Euros for 30 minutes of sex in a private room. If you take 60 minutes instead, you will pay 200 Euros. Some people say this is really expensive. But if you compare it to some go go bars in Pattaya you will see that the prices aren’t that bad. You have to consider that Vienna is one of the more expensive cities on earth too.

If you want to have sex with a lady in a Vienna strip club where that kind of service is offered, just ask. You don’t have to be shy. It’s a business and everyone knows what they are there for. In many cases you don’t even have to ask. The women know how to make money and a lot of them will come up and approach you first.

Drinks and dances

Whether or not you want to have sex is your choice. But you will have to buy at least one drink. There are no cover charges at most Vienna strip clubs. Maybe they try to get the money on the back end with drinks. Because drinks can be quite expensive in these clubs.

If you buy a champagne to enjoy with a woman who comes and sits with you, you’ll pay a lot more. You don’t really get much more out of it than a conversation either. So think long and hard before you drop hundreds of Euros on a bottle of champagne. Buying one won’t get you laid or impress anyone. But it will probably lead to some commission for whichever women you decide to drink with.

Dancing isn’t so common in the sex clubs like Maxim. Lapdances are basically an alien concept that doesn’t exist. Why pay a woman to sit on your lap in a place where you can pay them to give you a blowjob and sex? Some women will get up and do bored pole strolls. But there the name of the game is men and women meeting. That’s why they call them sexclub as well as stripclub.

In the table dance clubs prices are even higher. You get less in return for your money too. But if that’s your thing you might have a good time. Both table dances and lap dances are available for a fee. Expect to pay a lot more there than you would at “Harry’s Honey Hole” in Badgertown, Wisconsin. The women will be blond and brunette Eastern Europeans. But you can still have a good time. It all depends on what you’re into. There’s something for everyone in Vienna.

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