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The 5 best countries for anal sex


Anal sex is either becoming more common, or more openly discussed. Whatever the case, we can say for sure that a lot of poop shoots are being penetrated around the world every day. In some countries butt banging is a lot more common than others. We’ve even been able to come up with a list of the 5 best countries for anal sex.

In this guide, we are going to talk about the best countries for anal sex. We won’t just rattle off a list however. We will explain why each country is a great place for guys who like to pack a little fudge. By the end, you’ll understand why these countries are truly butt pirate paradises.

The 5 best countries for anal sex

People are definitely getting done in the stink hole in every country on earth. But while it is completely commonplace in some countries, it is totally taboo and unspeakable in others. When making this list we figured out the countries where anal sex is most common. That doesn’t mean it is commonly spoken of in polite company however. It just means it is going down.

Here’s our list of the five best countries in the world for anal sex:

  1. Australia
  2. Tunisia
  3. Japan
  4. Thailand
  5. Brazil

Now we will break down each country and explain why they appear on this list. Some of the explanations will be what you expected. But others might catch you off guard. If you’re wondering how countries as different as Tunisia and Brazil ended up on the same list, just read on.


Ozzie birds love to take it up the butt, and they’re not shy about admitting it. A whopping 38 percent of Australian women say they love to receive anal sex. That’s right out of their own mouths! So imagine how many more in the backwaters are also taking it in the backdoor.

Australia might be the most ass-loving Western country in the world, though we’re not sure. We haven’t seen many songs about eating and fucking ass coming from down under. That honor goes to the amazing culture of America, where singing about the turd cutter has become an instant way to get millions of downloads.


In most cases practicing Muslim women are expected to keep their virginity for marriage. That is a technical requirement that is followed to the letter. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t haven’t sex. Besides blowjobs, the only other hole available is the anus. It’s no surprise then that a lot of women in Tunisia take it in the dumper.

This is not a joke. An increasing number of Tunisian women are having premarital sex, and they are taking it in their butts rather than their vaginas. It’s not like you can just show up to Tunisia and stick your dick in an ass. But if you have a girlfriend there, you have a great chance at the tooter!


If you have seen any of the anal sex AV from Japan, you know that butt sex isn’t uncommon in the land of the rising sun. Japanese women are usually open to whatever their sex partners suggest. That’s one reason there is so much weird porn coming out of the country. Finding a Japanese girl for sex isn’t as easy as it used to be, but there are always options.

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You can’t technically sell vaginal sex in Japan, unless you work in a soapland. But the law doesn’t say anything about the other holes on a woman. That’s how the Japanese get away with operating so many pink salon blowjob bars. It also explains why a lot of sex shops offer “AF” service, which stands for “anal fuck.”

In some cases, they just put AF on the menu so they won’t get in trouble. In realty, the women have regular vaginal sex with customers. But at a lot of places like Milky Baby in Tokyo, the women actually do have anal sex with the customers. That means you can order up anal sex with Japanese women over the phone like a pizza. Now you know why Japan is on this list.


If you have read our posts on getting anal in Bangkok and finding anal in Pattaya, then you already know why Thailand is on our list. A high number of Thai women are more than willing to ride dick with their butt holes. That includes both prostitutes and regular girls too. And don’t forget about the ladyboys! Pretty much any chick with a dick takes wiener in their bunghole, and Thailand has no shortage of shemales.

unprotected anal sex with a thai prostitute

Thailand is a place where you are guaranteed to get anal sex. Even if you somehow can’t talk your date or girlfriend into taking it in the third input, there are actual establishments that sell anal sex as a regular part of the service. At the Devil’s Den and Eden Club, the hookers actually line up according to whether or not they do it in the butt!


Without a doubt, Brazil is the butt sex capital of the world. In Brazil, it’s all about the bundas! Booty is considered the most sexy part of any woman in Brazil, and you better believe they are putting them to good use. That means they do more with their bumpers than filling in thongs.

Brasilianas love to get banged in the butt. A lot of them love it even more than getting done up the baby maker. They don’t walk around with those big booties shaking around for nothing. One of the best selling products in the country is anal lube.

In some countries the anus is exit only. Not so in South America’ s biggest country. That’s why they have some of South America’s biggest booties and booty holes too. From strippers to regular chicks, Brazilian birds love butt humping! Third input sex is a national past time all throughout the country.

It is totally normal for Brazilian women to take it up the ass. It is not considered strange at all down in Brazil. Belem in particular is a real hotbed for anal activity. Rumor has it that women there are actually instructed on the ways of anal sex by their very own mothers. Now you know why Brazil literally sits at the top of this list!

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