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Where to pick up single women in Vienna, Austria


Vienna sits right in the middle of Europe. Once the center of a large empire, the city is visit by a lot of people from all around the world. Naturally, that includes lots of men. It only follows that the men want to know where to pick up single women in Vienna.

This kind of thing might seem obvious to some. But the truth is that Vienna is a large and somewhat elaborate place. You could accidentally wander into a hotbed of women. It is more likely that you will just wander around being alone. Unless of course you educate yourself on the city and its most female-friendly areas.

In this guide to meeting women in Vienna, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about picking up chicks in Austria’s capital city. We will tell you about ways to meet women during the day. Then we’ll list and describe the best nightlife spots for meeting ladies and hooking up. Finally, we will tell you about special establishments where you are virtually guaranteed to get sex in Vienna.

Where to meet single women in Vienna

It’s hard to pin down Austrian women. You can find all sorts. There are tall and short women. Some are thin and some are overweight. Blondes are common, but it is very common to see red heads or brunettes too. You can find curvy babes with huge boobs and rail thin chicks with nothing to show up top by tiny little shriveled raisins. There is a real mix. The only thing binding them together is nationality and language.

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Since Vienna is a major city right in the center of Europe, you can expect that there is a lot to do. There are also a lot of women. Following recent migration patterns, there are now women from all over the world there too. It’s nothing to meet women from five or six different countries in a single day. You can get a wide variety in Vienna whether or not you stick to the women who are actually and officially “Austrian.”

You also have a lot of places to meet women in Vienna. You can just do the simple and straightforward thing by practicing day game as you go about your business. Depending on how you carry yourself, you might get a good amount of numbers doing this. If you’re looking for something more immediately like a one night stand though, you will be better off working the nightlife scene.

Vienna nightlife

Like most locations in the world, a lot of flirting and picking up goes on in the bars and clubs of Vienna. There are a lot of places to drink alcohol in Vienna. Some attract more women than others. Any short list of the best places to meet women in Vienna would have to include at least the following nightlife hot spots.

The game is going to be pretty much the same in any of these night spots. You just hang out and be cool. Smile and show interest to women you like. Be ready to make the first approach. But don’t be surprised if the women approach you! In places like TravelShack it is very common for a woman to just go up to a guy she likes and start talking. You can also find a lot of foreign university students at certain times of the year.

You don’t have to stick to clubs and bars. One of the great things about Vienna is all the culture that exists. If you want to meet a woman with a great head on her shoulders, you can check out some of the cultural points of interest in the city. Besides all the cafes, take a stroll through Schoenbrunn Gardens or Setagaya Park. You’ll see lots of women there you can chat with. They’re great places to go.

Alternatives to picking up chicks in Vienna

Dating and meeting women in Vienna isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Sure it is possible. But it is nothing like getting easy women in the Philippines. You have to put in some real effort in Vienna. Everything is even more difficult because of the atmosphere and jaded ways of many women from the city. If you’re okay with prostitutes, then you have a lot of easy options.

If you have read our review of Goldentime Sauna in Vienna, then you already know what is available. That’s a place where you walk in and get immediately surrounded by more than 50 beautiful European women in the nude. You can have sex with any of them for 60 Euros. Not bad when compared to other prices around the world.

You can also check out the strip clubs in Vienna. In most cases, you can actually have sex with any of the dancers. In fact, they don’t even strip or dance all that much. It is a lot like the strip clubs in Prague. You basically go there to see the available women and hang around. Then you take one or more to a room if you get horny. There’s not much of a show involved. It’s different than a lot of other countries.

So as you can see, there are a lot of easy paid options in Vienna. These are an alternative to going through with all the hassles and involvement of dating. For guys who are just looking to have sex and bust a nut, it makes sense to give these things consideration. Especially since prostitution is legal in Austria. That removes a lot of worry that you might have elsewhere in the world.

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