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The price of sex in Vienna, Austria


Prostitution is legal and regulated in Vienna. Not everyone follows the rules, but enough do to make it appear as a success to most observers. Certainly men seem to be happy with the widespread availability of pay-for-play. But what does it cost? That’s a question any man traveling to Vienna is going to want to know. Well, look no further than here to find out. You’ve come to the right place if you want to find out the price of sex in Vienna!

In this guide we will analyze the price of sex in Vienna. We’ll tell you about all the different kinds of prostitutes you can find in the city. Then we’ll tell you how much they charge for sex. We will explain the procedures and services with different prostitutes. And finally, we’ll even tell you where you can find them.

Prices prostitutes charge in Vienna

As stated above, prostitution is legal and widespread in Vienna. You can find hookers in all parts of the city. There are brothels in residential areas and street prostitute pick up spots on the outskirts in industrial areas. You never can tell when you’re going to find working women. That is of course unless you already have an idea of where you are headed before you even start out.

Goldentime Vienna prostitution

Vienna is like most other cities in that the price of prostitutes depends on who you are dealing with. If you stick to street prostitutes on the edges of society you can get a blowjob and sex for as little as 30 Euro. If you call out a high class escort, you will pay more than 200 Euros. Some escorts in high demand even ask for thousands per visit!

Here’s a list of the most common kinds of prostitutes you will find in Vienna, and the prices they usually charge:

  • Street walkers (30 Euros)
  • Red light district (50 Euros)
  • Apartment brothels (50 Euros)
  • FKK sex saunas (60 Euros)
  • Strip clubs (100+ Euros)
  • Escorts (200+ Euros)

As this long list goes to show, you can find a pretty big variety of prostitutes in Vienna. The city doesn’t look like Pattaya or anything like that. But if you know where to look, you can find pretty much any kind of hooker that you are interested in.

Most prostitutes in Vienna are Europeans from nearby countries like Romania and Hungary. Only a small percentage are actually from Austria itself. You can find others around too. That includes Africans and even the occasional Asian woman. Some brothels are set up with ethnic themes. So it’s like America where you can find Asian Massage Parlors that in reality offer sex instead of body rubs.

Street walkers and red light districts in Vienna

Street walkers are pretty self-explanatory. These are hookers who sell sex on the streets. They are pretty easy to find in Vienna. There are over a thousand around. Most of them are no registered with the government though, which means they aren’t tested for disease as other officially licensed prostitutes in the country are.

The two legal areas to meet street walkers are Brunner Street (Liesing) and Autokaderstraße (Florisdorf). You can find them in other places too, it is just against the law. Notably, Vienna may actually build drive-in brothels on the Swiss model soon. For now you have to do them in your car or get a room.

Vienna has several red light districts. There you can find lots of prostitutes who will give you a blowjob or sex. Each hooker sets her own rates. Most will want 50 Euros. Some black and Latin hookers will negotiate for cheaper sex. You can pay as little as 30 Euros if you find the right person. The most well-known red light districts in Vienna are Mariahilferstrasse, Naschmarkt, Gürtel, and Felberstrasse.

Apartment brothels and FKK sex saunas

Apartment brothels are also pretty common in Vienna. They are like the apartment brothels in Hong Kong. Each apartment in the building has a lady inside who is a prostitute. You can walk by and see them. If you locate one you are interested in, you begin negotiations. Usually they want about 50 Euros for sex. That might include a blowjob or it might not. They don’t do many positions either, unless you specifically ask for that up front and before setting a price. In German, apartment brothels are called Laufhaus. The most well-known Laufhaus in Vienna are Kontakthof, Erlaaerstrasse 37, Triesterstrasse 176, and Laufhaus Rachel which is shown on the map below.

FKK sex saunas are world famous. We broke down the full details of the best and most known sex club of this kind in our review of Goldentime. The price of sex at the FKK clubs is pretty cheap. Especially considering that you get free food, drink and use of the swimming pool. You do have to pay a cover charge of 90 Euros to get into Goldentime. So it’s only a good value if you stay for several hours and enjoy. If you just walk in, do a woman, and leave, it can be on the expensive side.

Strip clubs and escorts: high end entertainment

Some strip clubs in Vienna allow customers to have sex with the dancers. Not much dancing goes on in these places. So they can almost be considered brothels. We wrote an entire guide to the strip clubs on Vienna already. Everything you would want to know about the subject can be found in it.

Finally there are escorts. As with most cities, the escorts in Vienna are the most expensive prostitutes you can find. On the plus side, you can find them online without even leaving your bed. Then they come right to you, so you don’t have to go outside looking for a woman. A lot of guys prefer this sort of thing. So they are willing to spend more. In Vienna you can spend a lot. You are not guaranteed great service either.

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