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Picking up at chicks at @Home club in Vientiane


Laos is a small country. It isn’t as popular as Thailand or even Cambodia for travelers. More and more guys are visiting Laos though. Of course most of them want to meet some women for good times. One of the easiest ways to do that is picking up chicks at @Home club in Vientiane.

Vientiane is such a small city that there just aren’t many options for meeting women in person. Especially since Lao women are so conservative. If you don’t want to try your luck at Bor Pen Nyang, you are basically left with @Home. Luckily that is not so bad.

@Home Nightclub

At Home is kind of like Pontoon nightclub in Phnom Penh. But in Phnom Penh there are many alternatives. In Vientiane, @Home is really the only club you are going to visit. On the bright side, it draws a big crowd for such a small place. Guys probably outnumber women, but there are lots of ladies.

The @Home nightclub is easy to find. It’s not right downtown though. So even if you stay in the central areas we recommend in our guy’s guide on where to stay in Vientiane, you will still need a find a way to get there.

If you want to make the trip on foot, it takes about twenty minutes from Bor Pen Nyang or downtown Vientiane. Since you probably don’t want to be sweat, it’s better to take a tuk tuk. You can also rent a car in Vientiane. It’s a peaceful place and the driving is actually easy. It’s nothing like the crazy traffic in Thailand. Having a car looks good to the ladies too.

@Home opens at 9:00 pm, but it really gets going at midnight. A lot of the Bor Pen Nyang girls who don’t score head to @Home around eleven or twelve too. That only adds to the number of women inside the club. There usually isn’t any cover charge. Beers cost about 25,000 Kip which is around three bucks.

Picking up girls at @Home

Lao women can’t be called easy. Most of them are really conservative. The women at @Home are less likely to be uptight though. They’re looking for a good time like everyone else. They are not necessarily into foreigners. Lao guys and girls are the majority at the club. They want to meet each other. Any girl at @Home is probably more open to foreign guys though.

@Home club in Vientiane

The biggest obstacle is language. Most Lao people don’t speak English. They speak Lao. If you can speak Thai, you will be able to get by. If not, you’ll just have to speak slow and rely on body language. Unless you met an experienced English speaker. If you do that, you’re in! Any Lao woman who speaks English is more likely to be into you.

Another problem is that a lot of women in At Home come with guys. It’s common to party in a group. Going around alone looks odd to people in Laos. Maybe that’s why there are so few western people inside. Whatever, a woman with a boyfriend or husband is obviously off limits. But so are the many women who come with their friends or “brothers.” Because even if they say yes, their male companions will issue a veto.

The good thing is that you will be able to a girl back to your room if you stayed at the guest friendly hotels we recommended in our “where to stay” guide. If you’re staying anywhere else, you might have a hard time getting a girl into your room. It is still officially illegal for a Lao woman to sleep with a foreigner unless they are married.

Hooking up with Lao women

As stated, Lao women tend to be conservative. The women you find at @Home aren’t just any old women though. They’re out late at night on their own, which would already be a big no-no in the eyes of many conservative Laotions.

So, you are dealing with a more an adventurous group of girls here. That still doesn’t mean it will be easy. You will probably have to put in some work if you want a chance at taking one of them home with you. At the end of the night you might not even have anything to show for your efforts. Unless of course you’re willing to go the pay-for-play route.

Prostitutes at @Home

Like we said earlier, the freelance prostitutes who don’t find customers at Bor Pen Nyang often head over to @Home. There they have another chance to find a customer. If they don’t get lucky that way, at least they can party and have a good time. At least that’s how they look at it.

The prostitutes in At Home don’t necessarily stick out. But it is not that hard to identify them. Especially once you start talking. Lao ladies aren’t aggressive or even upfront. So you might think you are charming a club girl only to find out that she’s working for money. That’s not the end of the world. If you are into it, strike up a deal. If not, just politely part ways. The hookers at @Home want

There are also some ladyboys in the crowd. They are more likely to be prostituting than anyone else in the club. If you are into ladyboys and don’t mind paying, that’s an option. If you only want to deal with women who were born female, you don’t have much to worry about. It’s easy enough to spot and avoid the transgender Laotions in At Home.

Getting a Lao girlfriend

It is possible to meet “regular girls” in At Home. You might even be able to make one them into your girlfriend. But don’t count on it. That’s not the way these things usually go in Laos. A lot of guys have had a good time on a short stop over by hitting up @Home. Few have turned that good time into anything long term.

You may think that’s great. If so, more power to you. But if you’re looking to make a real connection or get the benefits of a country with conservative women you might want to make a Lao girlfriend. Lao women aren’t really easy to hookup with. But that’s partly why they make such great girlfriends and even wives. Do you want a “baby momma” who runs in clubs all night?

If hooking up in Laos is difficult, then running day game borders on the impossible. It’s just not the kind of place where you can you go around picking up girls. There may be some exceptions, but if so they are rare. You need to put in time and effort to make a Lao girlfriend, be we think it’s worth it.


If you don’t have weeks or even months to spend in Laos, you can still get a Lao girlfriend. It might even be easy and take less work. That’s because there are great websites where you can meet Laotion women and chat with them at your own convenience. Asian Dating is a big one, but Thai Friendly is also a great place to meet Lao women. Laos and Thailand have close ties and a lot of cross-border interaction. A lot of Lao ladies look to Thailand for everything from soap operas to dating. Plus, Thailand is just across the river from Vientiane.

Sign up for accounts on those sites and start talking to ladies who catch your eye. Before long you’ll most likely be talking to more than you can handle. Then you just pare it down to the one you really click with. By the time you show up in Laos you’ll have it made. It really is that easy. It’s also the best option if you are looking for real results. Just showing up at a club like At Home can be really hit or miss.

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