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Full service sex massage in Vientiane


Full service sex massage in Vientiane is a thing. It exists, and it’s not all that hard to find. But Laos is nothing like neighboring Thailand in that regard. In fact, it’s not even like Cambodia and Vietnam. That’s even though Vietnamese people are involved at times, as we will explain.

Laos isn’t the kind of place you can walk around looking for neon signs that say “girls, girls, girls.” On the surface, it’s all pretty conservative and old school. Even in the capital city, which is a pretty sleepy little place. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes. You just need to know what to look for.

In this guy’s guide to sex massage in Vientiane, we will tell you all we know about the local scene. We will tell you where full service massage is a common service, and how much it costs. We’ll also tell you about the over all scene and what to expect in the city as a man.

Vietnamese chicks in Vientiane

Something notable about full service in Laos is that a lot of Vietnamese women work the concession. This isn’t necessarily unique. There are also a lot of Vietnamese sex workers in places like Macau and Malaysia too. You find them most often in Asian countries that don’t have a lot of local hookers.

But this is a notable aspect of the game in Laos. Some say it is due to laws or even culture. That’s more than we care to get into here. But let’s just say that there’s nothing to prove that Lao women in general don’t want to be sex workers. Because there are plenty of Lao sex workers around. And there laws about many things in many countries that are routinely ignored.

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In terms of culture, Laos is a lot closer to Thailand than anywhere else. There’s even an argument that the Isan people of Thailand are just Lao people separated by a border. By in terms of relations and intercourse, Vietnam is a lot closer to Lao.

That follows logic. Vietnam and Lao were both a part of the Indochinese colony under France. And they fought together both for independence from France and for the new independent governments that came after. So they have pretty close relations.

Things get really close in some massage parlors. That’s because Vietnamese women are working inside. And they’re getting right up against their customers on a regular basis. These aren’t shy chicks. They are out to provide a service for money. That just happens to be full service. And they don’t run out of customers by any means.

Sex for money in Vientiane

A lot of foreign guys end up in Vientiane during trips through Southeast Asia. Or they go there for border runs when they need to leave a country like Thailand in order to get a fresh new visa. Some people like the place and others do not.

If you appreciate peace and quiet, it’s not a bad break from the hectic cities of other nearby countries. But if you’re looking for a plaza filled with go go bars and half naked dancers who will fuck your brains out at the drop of a hat, you will be sorely disappointed.

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That doesn’t mean Lao women don’t go to bed with foreign guys. And it definitely doesn’t mean there isn’t any paid sex available in Vientiane either. Because there is plenty. It’s just not right out and in your face like it is in Bangkok or Pattaya.

There are lots of little bars and brothels around in Vientiane. And if you’ve read our reviews of Bor Pen Nyang and the @Home disco, then you know there are many freelance prostitutes around too. Of course, there are also lots of massage parlors. And plenty of massage women are willing to give a happy ending, or even a blowjob and full sex, for the right kind of tip.

Full service massage in Vientiane

But what about actual full service massage? That is, an actual massage parlor where they do body rubs then offer the full course as a matter of course. As far as we know and can tell, there is really only one place like that in the city. It has been around for a while. And many people have visited it.

The place is a decently-sized massage parlor attached to the well-known Vientiane Plaza Hotel. Located on Sailom Road, the place is big and easy to find. Everyone in town knows the hotel. But probably a lot of them don’t know what goes on inside and at the massage place next door.

When you go into the massage parlor on the side you’ll see the pretty Vientamese chicks working there. You can pick the one you like and go for a massage. It costs about 150,000 Kip. That’s around seventeen dollars American. So it’s not too bad.

After you get into a private room with a bath and massage table, you’ll get a good rub down. Somewhere in the middle of that, they’ll usually ask if you want more. It’s hard to imagine many guys saying no to that offer. So they negotiate for full service. And they usually end up paying around fifty bucks in terms of tips for the pleasure.

And that is really it in terms of full service massage options. It’s not much, but it’s enough. With the small size of Vientiane and the low number of people visiting it, this seems to fit the market niche. The place stays in business without getting overrun with people. So it is what it is, just like anything else in the world!

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