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Prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang in Vientiane


Laos is not a very big country. Vientiane is the capital city and it’s pretty small. If you have seen all the prostitution in Thailand you might expect more. When you get to Laos you’re in for a surprise. It’s a quiet place. The prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang are some of the only ladies of the night foreigners see in Vientiane.

Sure, there are thousands of other prostitutes in Laos. We will write about them in the future. The truth is that foreigners don’t usually see them though. Unless they have the kind of information that we have. Most guys only spend a few days in Vientiane. At night, a lot of them head to Bor Pen Nyang.

What is Bor Pen Nyang?

You are probably wondering, what exactly is Bor Pen Nyang? It’s not a brothel or go go bar. It’s just a rooftop bar. You see a lot of these in Southeast Asia. They are supposed to give you a good view of the city. There’s not much of a view at Bor Pen Nyang because it’s a small city. But there are prostitutes to look at!

Bor Pen Nyang

Vientiane is small enough to travel by foot. If you don’t want to walk, you can rent a car or motorcycle. It’s not too expensive. You can also take a tuk tuk. Unfortunately, the tuks tuks in Vientiane charge a lot of money. You might be surprised by the prices they quote for even a short ride.

However you get there, you can find Bor Pen Nyang on Quai Fa Ngum. That’s the riverside road. It’s not like you’re going to get lost. Like we said, Vientiane just isn’t a big place. The “downtown” area is really compact. There’s even a big sign in English that says “Bor Pennyang” in front of the building. Don’t ask us about the spelling. We have no idea.

After you pass under the sign you have to walk up four flights of steps. There’s no lift. So if you can’t climb stairs you’re out of luck. You better get to the gym if you want to reach the top of the mountain.

When you get to the bar you see that it is just a bar. There is nothing so special about it. They sell food and alcohol. They have some pool tables. That’s about it. It just happens to be a hot spot in Vientiane because there’s not much else going on.

Prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang

There are prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang every night. They aren’t hardcore and they don’t work for anyone. They are self employed prostitutes, or “freelancers.” You might not even know they are prostitutes if you don’t have a keen eye.

This guy wasn’t sure what the women standing around were there for. Then there was this guy, who was shocked because Bor Pen Nyang was “full of hookers.”

You read Guys Info Hub so you won’t be like either of those guys. You can find out all you need to know here. We don’t keep any secretes or pull any punches. We gather the information and then tell it like it is.

On any given night there might be ten hookers at Bor Pen Nyang. That doesn’t sound like a lot. But in a small bar in a small city, it is probably enough. The prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang wear clothes that are sexy for Laos but conservative for Paris. Laos is old school.

Lao prostitutes aren’t aggressive at all. They almost never approach guys. They’re not the type that scream out to guys, “handsome man come here.” They just hang out at the bar with their friends. They want customers but they are relaxed. Maybe because of culture. Maybe because of the law against sleeping with foreigners. Whatever the case, the working women at Bor Pen Nyang wait for guys to approach them.

If you see prostitutes in Laos who are aggressive they are ladyboys or not Lao. Vietnamese and Thai women sometimes go to Laos to work as prostitutes. But even they usually don’t act out of sort. That would bring them the wrong kind of attention fast.

Not every women in Bor Pen Nyang is a prostitute. The hookers are actually outnumbered. Most of the people at Bor Pen Nyang are regular customers or staff. A lot of backpackers even show up to split a bottle of Lao Beer five ways.

Price of prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang

The freelancers at Bor Pen Nyang set their own prices. But most of them don’t set prices at all. They are really freelancers. They go with guys and get what they can get. Most of them are too shy to even talk about prices in the bar. It’s almost like picking up a girl. The only difference is that you are expected to give them money before they leave.

Because so many guys use Vientiane as a border run or transfer spot, the ladies are used to different currencies. They take whatever kind of money they can get. For an overnight, they usually expect between 50 and $100 Dollars. That would be 43 to 86 Euros. Or 1600 to 3200 Baht. Or even 425,000 to 850,000 Kip if you’re using local money.

Taking a Bor Pen Nyang girl to your room

As we said, it is actually illegal for a Lao local to sleep with a foreigner. The only exception is if the two people are married. This is a law that shows how conservative Laos actually is. The same law is actually on the books in Vietnam too.

Lao lady in hotel room

Some people follow the law and others don’t. There were a lot of stories of guys paying bribes to get out of trouble over this law. They have died down. We haven’t heard of anyone having trouble recently. The bigger issue is finding a girl friendly hotel. A lot of hotels in Vientiane won’t let you take a lady to your room.

There are some guest friendly hotels in Vientiane. They might not say it outright, but it’s true. These hotels don’t have a problem with you bring a woman to your room:

Even guest friendly hotels have rules. In Laos they usually don’t ask for the lady’s identification card. But sometimes they say you can’t have anyone to your room after ten o’clock. So you have to get back to your room a little early. That’s not so heard to do in sleepy Vientiane!

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