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Where to stay in Vientiane: A guy’s guide


Laos isn’t the most popular country in the world. Some people don’t even know where it is. People who do go to Laos usually pass through Vientiane. Some never even get passed it. If you’re headed to Laos, you’re going to want to know where to stay in Vientiane.

It’s not always easy for guys to figure this kind of stuff out. That’s why we launched the Guys Info Hub. Once you read our guide to where to stay in Vientiane you will know where to go. That way you can maximize your chances with women and avoid trouble.

Laos laws against cohabitation with foreigners

If you read our post on prostitutes at Bor Pen Nyang, you know that it is illegal for Lao women to sleep with foreigners. That is, unless they are married. If you’re reading this, we’re going to guess you are not married with a Laotion. But you’re not necessarily out of luck.

The laws don’t always match the reality in Southeast Asia. That’s true in Laos too. There used to be a lot of stories of guys getting in trouble for sleeping with locals in Laos. Some said they had to pay huge bribes. We believe the stories, but we haven’t heard anything recently.

Everything we know says that guys are mostly left alone in Vientiane. Foreign men regularly sleep with Lao prostitutes and girlfriends with no problem. So it seems they are not really enforcing this law much anymore. Sure there is always a chance you could get in trouble , but life is full of risks.

Girl friendly hotels in Vientiane

Even if the authorities let things slide, a lot of hotels don’t. Hotels don’t want to get in trouble, so a lot of them won’t let you bring a girl to your room. They don’t benefit from you bringing another guest in for free anyway. So we understand. But we don’t like it. We want to have the freedom to sleep with other consenting adults. You probably do too.

Whether you meet a Lao lady at Bon Pen Nyang or somewhere else, you won’t be able to take her back to your room if you’re not in a girl friendly hotel. We know of three guest friendly hotels in Vientiane. They are:

None of these hotels are going to come right out and call themselves “girl friendly.” But we have found that they are okay with you taking a woman to your room. In most cases they just turn the other cheek and pretend they didn’t see anything. That protects them from problems.

The best thing about these rooms is that they are centrally located. Vientiane is a small city. You can get around on foot. But if you stay far our of the city center you’re going to be stuck. Staying in the rooms on our short list ensures you’re in the heart of it all. It also means you’ll be able to bring chicks back to your room if you get lucky.

If you plan on staying in Vientiane for a long time, you will probably get an apartment. In most cities that’s a good idea. It makes you look like a resident. It’s usually cheaper too. In Vientiane it might not be the best idea. If you have Lao neighbors there’s a good chance they won’t like you bring ladies to your room. They might even report you to the local authorities. We think you have a higher chance of getting in trouble if you have your own apartment. We can’t be sure, but hotels seem like the safer bet.

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