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Our review of Picasso Bangkok


Picasso is a great massage parlor in Bangkok offering full nuru massage and more. They have a great shop on Sukhumvit Soi 19 and they also offer outcall service. We getting a real nuru massage on a nuru mat, but we’re also fans of having masseuses sent right to our own private rooms for a couple of hours!

There are a lot of massage parlors in Bangkok. Most of them are frankly not that good. Or they are mediocre at best. We have a handful of favorite shops that we visit on a regular basis. Picasso Bangkok is at the top of our list.

As soon as you see Picasso Bangkok you know you are in for a good time. The outside of the building has a black and white sign with some Picasso artwork that points into the clean and bright lobby. There you can see all the hot chicks working at the massage parlor.

What is Picasso Bangkok like?

Picasso Bangkok is located right off of Soi 19. If you’re coming from Sukhumvit Road it’s in the third short alley on the right. It’s right around the corner from Sanriku. The place is a short and easy walk from both the Asok BTS Station and the Sukhumvit MRT Station.

Picasso Bangkok is a top quality shop. It really reminds us of visiting some of the best soaplands in Japan. Except that the people here are a lot more friendly. They welcome everyone who is civilized and willing to pay for the service.

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There are more than twenty Thai women working at Picasso and they are all very hot. Picasso Bangkok focuses more on the traditional beauty style by higher women with nice bodies and light skin. You can expect to see sexy 20 year olds here. Not old overweight skanks!

Like we said we almost feel like we are in Japan when we visit this shop. They really treat us like we want to be treated here. It’s pure pampering from great looking Thai babes with nice bodies. When it comes to body-to-body massage there isn’t much more we could hope for.

How much does it cost?

By now you’re probably wondering how much a full service massage costs at Picasso Bangkok. We are here to tell you that the prices are right on target. A forty minute full service job costs 2100 Baht which isn’t bad at all. Some of the best women might be in the Gold Class in which case the price is 3000 Baht for 40 minutes.

When it comes to a 60 minute full service massage the rate is 2500 Baht for women in the Silver Class. One hour with Gold Class ladies costs 3500 Baht. And an hour with a top notch Platinum Class model costs 3900 Baht.

What about nuru massage? A 60 minute nuru massage is 3000 Baht. A 90 minute nuru massage is 3500 Baht. Not all of the ladies here are trained for mat play. The ones who are trained do some of the best slippery nuru mat massage we’ve ever experienced.

If you would like more information about this great Asian massage parlor in Bangkok look at the Picasso Bangkok website which has all the information, pictures of the chicks, a map of the location, and contact information.

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