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How to meet women for sex in Taichung


Taiwan isn’t thought of by most people, but it has an out-sized influence on the world. It isn’t surprising that a lot of guys go there. They usually start out in Taipei, but many then move on to other parts of the island. A lot of people end up in Taichung by train or bus from Taipei. When they get there, they want to know how to meet women. Or more specifically, they want to know how to find sex in Taichung.

In this guide, we are going to tell you about all the various options for finding sex in Taichung. We’ll tell you where you can buy sex. We’ll also tell you where you can meet regular good girls for sex too. Finally, we’ll give you some parting words of wisdom.

KTV / Karaoke girls

As with a lot of East Asia, KTV karaoke clubs are among the most common places for guys to hang out with girls in Taiwan. These are just big karaoke parlors that have a lot of women working inside. You rent the room, pay for your drinks, and tip some money to the girls for spending time with you.

In some KTV places you can touch the girls. In others you can even get a blowjob or full vaginal sex as a part of the package. More common is a takeaway system, which allows you to go home with your favorite karaoke girl for money.

There are many sexy lady KTVs in Taichung, including:

When you walk in, you can just chose a bottle of liquor and a woman to sit with you. If you don’t stand up for yourself, they will force someone on you. Remember that the hottest girls are less likely to do anything. The mid-range girls will likely let you touch them. Mid-range and below and you will probably be sitting with a fully naked girl after an hour. If she likes you, she’ll probably suck your cock too.

It is not hard to figure out what you want. If you want a hooker, go to a hooker. Then if you want a girlfriend, find a girlfriend. If you just want to sing and drink with some pretty girls, a KTV can be fun. Especially if you get one of the more adventurous women. Otherwise, it is something you really should avoid. It just doesn’t offer much value for the money. Expect to spend $3000-$9000 New Taiwan Dollars for a few hours, with or without orgasm.

Happy ending massage in Taichung

Happy ending massage is pretty common in Taichung. Normally you get a decent massage followed by a handjob or blowjob. In some cases, you can even get full vaginal sex if you pay more. There are a lot of options. Some of the most popular erotic massage parlors in Taichung include:

  • 40 Spa (40 Hankou Road)
  • Long Life Massage Center (330 Dadun 14th Street)
  • San Yang SPA (Da Ya Road)

You will pay 2000 to 4000 NTD for the service. The woman will usually be a pretty Chinese or Vietnamese girl between ages 20 and 30. They will most likely not speak much or any English. But the managers usually can speak English. Handjob is the most standard service, but others go all the way.

Sexy Taiwanese girls

If you have read our post on the sex saunas of Taipei, then you know that place has some better options. The truth is that is never all that easy to find sex in Taiwan for a foreigner who doesn’t read or speak Chinese. Taiwan is nothing like Thailand or the Philippines. But if you put in a little effort, it’s not too tough to get your dick wet. The women are arguably much hotter too.

Hooking up in Taichung

You can pick up women in the streets of Taichung. Just don’t think it will be like the United States or Europe. Day game only goes so far in Taiwan, especially when you leave the capital city. Taiwan has a reputation as an English-speaking country, but the truth is that most people only speak a little English. Many don’t speak it at all. So be prepared for this.

As you might expect, your best bet for hookups is to head to the nightclubs. Some of the most popular clubs in Taichung are:

Once you’re in the clubs, move around a bit. Look for the women who are looking for you. Don’t be afraid to approach anyone. But be on the lookout for those who give you a sign or speak English. Those are going to be your best bet at a one night stand. Taiwanese girls are open to sex. Once you get close to one, it’s not that hard to get them into bed.

Meeting women online

As usual in East Asia, the internet is a great way to meet women. There just isn’t really an instant hook up culture. You might do okay if you put in hours of day game or hit the night clubs hard. But otherwise, you will probably spend a lot of your time in Taiwan alone and looking for girls. If that’s not what you want, then jump online now and start looking.

A lot escorts work in Taichung. They advertise online. The most common place to find them is on the WeChat app, by searching for people in the area. If you have read our post on finding Ho Chi Minh City prostitutes using WeChat, then you already know how this works. The options are almost endless in Taichung. You’ll pay about 2000 to 4000 New Taiwan Dollars for any of them.

Asian Match Mate

If you don’t want to pay for sex, you’ll obviously need to go the amateur route. Just like Tokyo and Seoul, you won’t get much success with Tinder anywhere in Taiwan. Matches come slow, and responses come even slower. Taiwanese women just aren’t sitting around waiting for Tinder matches. And they usually don’t instantly hookup with whoever they do match on the app.

You want to use purpose-built websites if you are trying to meet Taiwanese women. That means Asian Match Mate if you want sex. This is really your best option by far. You may find something elsewhere, but the pickings will certainly be slim.

You also want to start well ahead of when you really want to meet women in Taichung. Give yourself a few days or even weeks to make a lot of contacts and get familiar with local women. That way when you show up, you will be doing quite well. You won’t waste any time, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun. If you have any free time between dates, you can just go to a KTV or happy ending massage!

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